7:11PM Movie Review


7:11PM Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating: 2.25/5

It is a tough time for small films to fare well in the theatres. The audience are not much interested to watch the films on big screen unless there is something unique and interesting. 7:11 is a small film that is made on the concept of time travel and it has new faces. The trailer looked decent and top production house Mythri Movie Makers is releasing this small film across the Telugu states. The film happens in a village, in two planets and in three time periods. Chaitu is making his directorial debut with this attempt and here is the review of 7:11:


The story is set in 1990s in a village named Hamsaladeevi. Ravi (Saahas) along with his friends runs a mechanic shed in his village and he falls in love with Vimala (Deepika). A financial firm named ‘Aparimitha Mutual Funds’ raises funds in huge amounts and is ready to cheat the people. A local minister has plans to construct a Dam in the region. He plans to start a nuclear waste dump on the name of the dam. On the other side, two aliens from 4000 AD reach the village in search of a book. When things are taking several turns, Ravi travels in a bus with an unknown person. It is a spacecraft and Ravi lands in 2024 in Australia. The rest of 7:11 is all about what happens next and about the challenges faced by Ravi. Watch the film to know about the conclusions for the several subplots.


Some of the stories are good to listen or during the scripting stage. They miss the magic when they are made into a feature film. 7:11 has an interesting concept and premises but the film lacks the needed emotional connection. The audience watched several time travel films in the past. The entire first half happens in the village and there are multiple sub-plots. There is a lot of drama between each character and too many sub-plots in a rush makes the first half of 7:11 uninteresting.

There is no clarity about stealing the money from Mutual Funds from the hero’s friends. Some of the episodes will not connect to the audience as they lack clarity. Several unwanted episodes and a lack of emotional connect makes the film a misfire. The real story starts before the interval episode. The second half of 7:11 looks lazy. The lead actor takes a long time to realize that he is in 2024. The character of Sara in the second half brings more lag for the film as the episodes are forced. The film also has an angle of the psycho-killer drama. The process of Ravi heading back to his village looks decent. The climax looks racy and it is presented well.


Saahas who played Ravi was decent in his attempt. His performance was natural in the film. Deepika who played Vimala in the film looked perfect as a village girl in 7:11. The girl who essayed the role of Sara too was decent. Bharat Reddy played a prominent role in the film and his character reveals a twist. The character of Rising Raju was designed in a different manner and it generated enough laughs. The rest of the actors did their parts well.

7:11 is a small film with big content with larger-than-life episodes. The director should be appreciated for his attempt in the given budget and limitations. He should have worked more on the script. Some of the episodes are well designed while others looked logicless. A Japanese man coming to Hamsaladeevi to set up a nuclear dump yard sounds silly. The village head signs the agreement to set up a nuclear project which is related to the country’s security. This sounds logicless.

The episodes of DNA Look for the book and the brain-dead issue of the aliens are narrated in a hurry. The director should have worked on the crucial plots and episodes. The major plot is narrated with the voiceover which turns complicated for the audience. The music and the background score fail to make an impact. The CG work is done well as per the budget available.

Verdict: 7:11 is an interesting attempt for sure but it fails to make an impact because of several flaws.

Telugu360 Rating: 2.25/5

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