Adirindi vs Jabardasth war reaches peaks


TV channels competing for TRP rating is not a new thing. But the specific program in one channel waging war with another program in a different channel is not very common. In Telugu tv world, one such war is currently going on. The war between the programs Jabardast and Adirindi seems to have reached peaks this Sunday. Details as below.

Mallemala team showing doors to directors of Jabardasth, Nagababu, and comedians of Pataas:

Jabardast program that is telecast on Thursday and Friday on ETV has been a very successful program in the Telugu TV industry. Nagababu, one of the hosts in this program, recently quit this show owing to the differences with Producers of the show. Prior to this, Nitin and Bharat, the directors of the show were shown the door by the production team of Jabardast. As per reports, Nagababu didn’t like the way the directors of the show, who put their entire efforts for this program, were removed from the show and that finally led to his exit. Mallemala team, the producers of Jabardasth, who also produced Pataas show did the same with several comedians of Pataas show earlier.

Jabardast extra show on Sunday to clash with Adirindi:

Now all those who got offended by Mallemala team, including the directors Nitin and Bharat, Nagababu, comedians of Pataas joined the new show with the title ‘Adirindi’ that is telecast in ZEE. This program is telecast on Sunday 9 pm while Jabardast is telecast on Thursday and Friday at 9:30 pm and so there is no clash between these programs. Adirindi program started last week and it is just 2nd episode this Sunday. But Jabardast program that is usually telecast on Thursday and Friday is telecast on this Sunday at the same time of Adirindi program, probably to hamper prospects of Adirindi show in the initial stage itself. It looks like Jabardasth makers intentionally telecast one of the old episodes of Jabardast at the time of the telecast of Adirindi.

Adirindi seems to be successful but…

On the other hand, ‘Adirindi’ program also seems to be successful and it garnered almost the same kind of views on youtube. As the artists in this show – Dhanaraj, Venu, Chammak Chandra, and RP are already familiar faces to the audience. But the initial hiccups are clearly visible. Even though Adirindi is entertaining the audience, the skits are not yet on par with those of Jabardasth


Telugu audience loves comedy. That’s why we have so many comedians in our industry. Definitely, there is scope for more comedy programs in TV industry and there is no need to kill the prospects of other programs for any of these programs. Makers of these programs need to realize that there is no need for unhealthy competition or predatory practices. More comedy programs also mean work for more TV artists.

-ZURAN (@CriticZuran)

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  1. Mallemala entertainment seems to be so sadistic… why do they want to hamper other show by telecasting jabardasth on Sunday too. Anyways Adhirindhi will make a sure shot success… wishing Zee TV all the best


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