After candidates with the same name, election symbols that look like Lotus, car enter Huzurabad fray


Come elections, the political parties pull out amazing tricks from their bags. In such prestigious bypoll such as Huzurabad too, both the TRS and the BJP are trying to outwit one another. In order to confuse the voters, there are four E Rajenders. These names are meant to confuse the BJP voters. The names are close to Eatala Rajender and can leave the voters confused. Instead of voting for Eatala Rajender, at least some might vote for the other E Rajender.

Now another trick has come to light. At least two of these E Rajenders have requested for symbols that look very much like the BJP’s lotus symbol One candidate has requested for Cauliflower and the other for pineapple. Both these symbols have some kind of a resemblance with the Lotus symbol. The idea is to confuse the gullible voters and ensure that at least some votes intended for the BJP go into these accounts. In close contests, these could prove very dangerous.

Not to be outdone, some independent candidates have symbols that look very much like the car symbol of the TRS. For instance, the symbol Chapathi roller and iron box have uncanny resemblance to the car symbol. Some independents have asked for these symbols. It may be recalled that similar tricks were played in the past too.

Sources say that such look-alike symbols could cause major upsets if the contest is close. Sources say that the TRS has already flooded Huzurabad with several welfare schemes. The contest promises to be a very exciting one with both the parties pulling all stops.

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