Ananthapur SP says is fake video, uploaded from UK number


In a swift development, the SP of Ananthapur, Fakeerappa, on Wednesday, told the media that the controversial nude video was not original and it was a fake video. He further said that it was uploaded at 2.07 hours on August 4 from a mobile number of +44 7443 703968.

The SP said that the number was added to the WhatsApp group of iTDP Official, a few minutes before the video was uploaded.

The SP further said that the video was recorded by one person who sent it to another. A third person had recorded it when the second person was watching it, the SP said. Thus the video lost its authenticity and it was difficult for them to prove it as the original video.

The SP said that they would be able to prove it only when they get access to the original mobile with which the video call was recorded.

He said the original video could also be established by getting access to the mobile of MP, Gorantla Madhav. However, he said that they have not approached the MP so far to check his mobile.

Meanwhile, the YSR Congress social media activists have found that the number was owned by Swathi Reddy, who works for the TDP. The social media became active with her photos and profiles accusing the woman and the TDP for conspiring against the MP and creating nude video.

In Delhi, the MP said that he had been denying the video and accusing the TDP leaders of morphing it to tarnish his image. He said he would cooperate with any investigating agency to prove that the video was fake and morphed one.

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