AP High Court questions legality of Govt plan for Kurnool HC


The High Court of Andhra Pradesh is speeding up hearings on the petitions against the YCP Government’s move to shift AP Capital City. In its latest hearing, the HC bench asked the AP Government’s advocate as to how the 3 Capitals bill was brought when there was the Presidential order for setting up the High Court in Amaravati.

The court reminded the Government that the President had notified the High Court for the newly created Andhra Pradesh in Amaravati. But, the State Government went ahead and passed the bill naming Kurnool as the principal seat of the High Court of AP. The court further told the Government that it was not proper on its part to argue that the Kurnool High Court was just a proposal. How can it be called just a proposal when the Government has passed the bill?

Senior advocate Dushyant Dave, who represented the AP Government, tried to explain to the court that ultimately, the Government would have to wait for the Presidential notification even for Kurnool as the seat of the High Court. But the court questioned where the need was for making the law and proceeding to shift the High Court without considering the existing Presidential order.

The HC bench had also questioned the necessity of forming not one but 3 Committees on the issue of forming 3 Capitals in the name of the decentralisation of the administration.

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