AP political scenario to change: TDP, Jana Sena to come together?


Are Jana Sena and the TDP merging? Are they coming together with an aim to win the 2024 elections? Are they going to make things tough for the ruling YSRCP? Is the AP political scene set for a major change in the coming days? These are the questions that are being hotly debated in the political circles of Andhra Pradesh.

The ruling TDP has reportedly set for itself a target of winning at least 100 MLA seats. It wants to win 80% of the seats in central Andhra, where it is relatively stronger, 50% of the seats in North Andhra and 30 percent in Rayalaseema. It has prepared a list of A grade seats, where it can win quite easily. In the B grade seats, there are seats that could be won if it makes a serious effort. The party is said to be working on this.

To win 100 seats, the party feels that it needs the support of Jana Sena. So, it has begun serious efforts at entering into an alliance with Jana Sena.

Though the Jana Sena too feels the same, it is apprehensive that the TDP could once again take it for a ride. In 2014, the Jana Sena had helped the TDP win the election. But, the TDP did not reciprocate the way it should. Hence Jana Sena reportedly wants some guarantees from the TDP. It feels that the TDP might give it fewer seats and limit the party to the margins.

The Jana Sena reportedly feels that the TDP should offer it more seats and should even specify the ministries the TDP would give in the event of the TDP coming to power. The Jana Sena wants this arrangement to be worked out before actually formalising the alliance. It wants guarantees about the TDP not marginalise Jana Sena and poach on its leaders. If sources are to be believed, both parties are trying to arrive at some agreement. Let’s wait and watch how things unfold.

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  1. It is not. Merger , it will be alliance. . And. Max. Tdp can give is 15-25. Mlas, 3-4. MPs. To janasena but it will be good deal to both. People are frustrated with the present govt deeds. And hence next time they will vote to Tdp only.


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