AP self-respect touching the rock bottom?


In the past two years, all around attacks have started from neighbouring States and Delhi on the pride and self-respect of Andhra Pradesh. KCR, who said we should separate like brothers, was a bit silent on AP during the TDP regime but started commenting on the Andhras once again after the YCP came to power. He openly claimed how the situation has reversed now to the extent that one acre in Telangana would fetch three acres in Andhra.

More serious comment came from Harish Rao who said that the foodgrain cultivation in AP has fallen far below that of Telangana. He went on to say that while this was the ground level situation, the Andhras used to claim that they taught cultivation to the people of Telangana.

On their part, the BJP leaders were again and again threatening to destroy the Andhra political parties. Their indirect threat was related to the CBI cases involving Jaganmohan Reddy and Chandrababu Naidu. The Modi regime was using the CBI, IT, ED and such central institutions to embarrass their rivals in AP effectively.

An even more damaging comment came from DMK leader Stalin who said he would not shiver like AP Chief Minister if the BJP continued its attacks through the Central agencies.

All these incidents are making the Andhras remember the days when they agitated for self-respect under NTR leadership and gave strong blows to the national parties at that time.

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  1. ఇవ్వేమైనా అంజయ్య రోజులా.. మీ కాకమ్మ కబుర్లకి జనాలు పడిపోడానికి.. ? రోజులు మారిపోయాయి.. ఎవరికెలా బుద్ది చెప్పాలో అలానే చెప్తున్నారు..

  2. These fake hate stories never bring any votes brother. Local people are the real deciders of Government performance. Not other state leaders.

    The real heading would be TDP self respect going rock bottom. people are not respecting TDP party and its leaders. All TDP party cadre are demanding CBN to resign for his wrong decisions and worrying about party future.
    There is no way under CBN, it wont recover. Young generation should come forward to save the party, otherwise it will get closed like in Telangana.

  3. Andhrites lost their self respect the moment they voted for YSR in 2004 inspite of him saying that he will break the state in 2 pieces. These events you mentioned is peanuts for naked whores called Andhra voters

    • What really. Grow up man. He was the one who said to Sonia not to break the state into two and they did it only after his death. If he was still alive he wouldn’t have let it separate into two. If you don’t belive this then go and ask any TRS leaders.

    • Oh,then is cbn a clean man? He who backstabbed ntr and became cm. There are no great whores than you who continue to make unnecessary comments on people.


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