ATA-NATA-TATA United American Telugu Convention – 2018 Called off


United American Telugu Convention (UATC 2018) scheduled to be held in Philadelphia from July 6-8, 2018 has been called off. This was touted as a prestigious event for ATA splinter groups, ATA-NATA-TATA, with an objective to demonstrate their cohesive strength. For beginners, American Telugu Association (ATA) is led by Hanumantha Reddy, North American Telugu Association (NATA) by Prem Sagar Reddy and Telangana American Telugu Association (TATA) by P Malla Reddy.

Arrangements such as booking the convention centre and the website ( were all put in place. For some time, the leaders of these three organizations worked together in harmony to make this event a success. However, as many predicted, this event is going to be shelved. NATA, the second biggest group out of these three, will be independently organizing convention on their own in same location at the same time. In an internal email circulated, NATA leadership had confirmed that “It is now official that there won’t be United convention in Philadelphia 2018. It is only NATA convention”.

According to our sources, NATA’s high handedness did not go down well with the other two organizations ATA and TATA. The reasons cited ranged from disagreement over the convention authority, regional feelings and also an organization forcing YSRCP agenda.

NATA was demanding for the control over the event on pro-rated funds raised by each organization. Also, they wanted to invite Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy as the guest, apart from highlighting YSRCP throughout the convention. This was not accepted by Telangana American Telugu Association and ATA.

A five-member committee from these organizations recently convened a meeting and decided that things are not going as per the plan. Later NATA decided to organize the event independently. Nonetheless, we need to wait and watch if any last-ditch attempts will be made to bring this united convention back on track.

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