Bharat Ane Nenu 17 days Worldwide Collections – Crosses 90cr mark


Bharat Ane Nenu 17 days Worldwide Collections

Bharath Ane Nenu has another decent weekend which took it past 90cr mark worldwide. In Telugu States, except for Guntur area no other area distributor has recovered his investments so far. The problem with the film not putting big numbers is that it’s not doing enough in B, C centres. The film has done well outside Telugu States.

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Below are the area wise 17 days Shares

AreaPre release Business25 days Collections17 Days Collections 13 days Worldwide1st week Collections 4 Days Collections3 Days CollectionsDay1 Collections
Nizam 22 Cr18.60 Cr17.85 Cr17.05 Cr14.35 Cr11.65Cr10Cr4.47 Cr
Ceded 12Cr9.75 Cr 9.55 Cr9.30 Cr7.90 Cr(including hires)6.15Cr5.55Cr3.20 Cr
UA 8.7Cr8.61 Cr8.27 Cr7.95 Cr6.59 Cr5.69Cr5.17Cr3.02 Cr
Guntur (Krishna + Guntur) 13.6Cr8.25 Cr7.98 Cr7.75 Cr 6.80 Cr6.03Cr5.57Cr4.03 Cr
East 6.70 Cr6.80 Cr6.54 Cr6.33 Cr5.52 Cr4.80Cr4.42Cr3.21 Cr
West 6Cr4.22 Cr 4.04 Cr3.89 Cr3.32 Cr2.88Cr2.63Cr1.82 Cr
Krishna (Krishna + Guntur) 13.6Cr 5.04 Cr4.87 Cr4.69 Cr3.91 Cr3.24Cr2.77Cr1.31 Cr
Nellore 3Cr2.60 Cr2.50 Cr2.38 Cr1.95 Cr1.59Cr1.42Cr 0.88 Cr
Total 72Cr63.87 Cr61.60 Cr

59.22 Cr50.34 Cr42.03Cr37.53Cr21.94 Cr
ROI9Cr10.70 Cr10.60 Cr10.40 Cr

9.15 Cr7.85Cr
Overseas18Cr18.60 Cr18.40 Cr17.95 Cr15.70 Cr13.70Cr
WorldWide99Cr 93.17 Cr90.60 Cr87.69 Cr75.19 Cr59.08Cr

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  1. nizam 1st week 16.3C distributer cheppadu ,krishna lo day 60l kosav ,east 14lks kosav ,ua biz 8.2c aite 8.7c vesav ,roi 12, ka 8,tn 1.7,rest 2 ,row 20c ,
    total ga around 8C kosesav .
    just follow distibuter fig and correct the figures .

  2. Nee amma rai….. Endariki puttav ra howle…. Official game 100cr above share ani announce cheste nuvvu 90.60cr ani vessav kada ra lanja na kodaka

  3. అయ్యో అసలు సంగతి మరిచారు. కరోనా తో బాగా సహజీవనం చేసాడు. అందుకే కరోనా రాలేదు. జగ్లక్. కి. దేశం లో మూడో స్తానం లో ఉంచాడు. సప్పట్లు.

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    Jailu Jaggu Reddy reverse ruling facts:

    No Special Status
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  5. True, there was no clarity in any decisions that were being made , and since the GO’s made had one or other constitutional violations they were automatically rejected by courts.
    There were no companies that came to AP and yeah corona is also to be blamed for that, but there should be some kind of movement for developing Andhra.
    He is just going on distributing money trend. And remember he is just distributing people’s money not his own to think that he is great.
    Also lot of people lost their ration cards, jncluding me stating that I pay income tax, but that doesn’t mean that my family can afford to live with my money.
    He is just distributing money to only 15 percent of population for any scheme and mentioning that he is helping all people of AP.
    Very sad days ahead for Andhra.

    We have the worst leaders of the world , both CBN and Jagan don’t care about people much, just their political parties and their power.

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