Big boost to Janasena with prominent leaders joining


Congress leader and former assembly speaker Nadendla Manohar joining janasena gave enough tremors in political circles. Even though inundation of leaders into the party started couple of months back, most of them were middle level leaders. But prominent leader like Manohar joining the party gave big boost to janasena cadres.

Yesterday there have been debates on TV channels regarding Manohar joining janasena. Some analysts supporting other political parties said, Congress party did not agree to give him PCC chief post and that is the reason for him to leave Congress Party. Other Pro TDP analysts analysed that there might be alliance between Congress and TDP in 2019 elections and as part of the alliance, if Tenali ticket is allotted to TDP, he may not get a chance to contest in 2019 elections and that is the reason for him to join janasena. Another media house that is considered strong supporter of TDP ran a story saying, because of some political limitations, Manohar cannot go into the parties like it TDP and YSR CP and probably that is the reason for him to join janasena as no other option left for him.

All this analysis by the supporters of other parties is implicitly saying that Manohar didn’t have other option and so he is joining janasena. But what they miss to understand is the fact that Manohar has been in touch with Pawan Kalyan since long, even much before the rumours on PCC post to Manohar. Janasena fans have been predicting on all social media platforms about Manohar entry into the party for almost 2 years by now. So this must be a calculated move by Manohar rather than a hasty decision or decision with no other choice.

As per janasena spokesperson Vijay Babu, many top people from media houses were surprised by this development and called Manohar asking why he is joining janasena party. He also told that, this month onwards, there will be many more surprises as many other top leaders will be joining into the party. He told to the analysts who were belittling janasena that, they will be even more shocked and surprised with upcoming developments in the party.

Janasena party is getting a big boost with prominent leaders like this joining into the party. But another question is, who’s votes will they split and how many of them will win. But it seems Pawan Kalyan has got complete analytics and focusing on those constituencies that have significant chunk of population from the communities that are supporting him and has big fan base for him. So if the cadre of these leaders, if any, and the people supporting janasena work synergistically, political equations as well as election results are bound to change.

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