Big Boss tidbits: housemates’ mothers warned sons to focus on game


Big Boss show is running on unexpected lines. Within last one week time, Tejaswi who was supposed to be a strong candidate was evicted from the house and Pooja Ramachandran of Swamy Ra Ra entered the house as wild card entry. In the last 2 days episodes, housemates received calls from their family members and had opportunity to speak to them on phone for a short duration.

However during these calls, mother of Samrat and mother of Tanish spoke to them and expressed concerns over their behaviour in the house especially related to their association with girls in the house. It is known news that Samrat and Tejaswi chemistry was discussed a lot among the audience as well as housemates. Samrat was in tears when she was leaving the house. Similarly relation between Tanish and Deepthi Sunaina was also talk about a lot as he was pampering her too much. But Sunaina told she calls him “Bro”. But as he was seen with her most of times, audience felt he was not really focusing on game.

When Samrat mother called him on phone, she reminded him to focus on the game and smoothly warned him against getting tagged. But she didn’t took the name of Tejaswi directly. She told not to get “tagged” with anyone in the house and play his own game and play wise. Later Tanish mother also spoke on similar lines and warned Tanish on his behaviour. While Samrat mother didn’t name Tejaswi at all, Tanish’s mother mentioned the name of Deepthi Sunaina. She also smoothly told Tanish that his too much pampering of Deepthi Sunaina is not going well with his fans and that is why they are not voting for him. She also asked him to focus on game.

Anyway it was interesting for audience to see mothers of the actors openly showing their possessiveness and advising them not to get “ tagged “with girls during the show

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