Bigg Boss 5: Episode belongs to Priyanka and Priya


Bigg boss latest episode concludes the Bigg boss kingdom task that started couple of days ago. It finally determines who the captaincy contenders are. However this episode belonged to Priyanka and Priya as per the audience.

Ravi is the winner of BB Kingdom:

In the previous episodes there were series of tasks like tug of war, wrestling and tag photo on the wall. Sunny team showed clear upper hand over Ravi. Moreover, Shanmukh, Jessie and Siri trio stolen lots of coins and finally they supported Sunny. But Bigg boss gave a shocking twist to the task by saying, number of people supporting team is more important than the total cons. By this parameter, Ravi became clear winner as Ravi garnered support of more housemates than Sunny though Sunny had more coins.

Priyanka’s touching story:

Priyanka told earlier that her father, who became blind doesn’t know about her gender change. She also told housemates that when his father once touched her face and asked why it’s so smooth, she lied to him and told she had applied makeup for lady characters in comedy shows. Yesterday, during her birthday, she got a video bite from her father in which he said he accepted her as is. This entire part of the episode came out very well and not only Priyanka but entire house became emotional.

Captaincy contenders:

It is known news that Priya cannot become captain in this house. In one of the previous episodes, Bigg boss asked Hamida, as part of a task, to name one person who cannot become captain in this season and she named Priya. However, in this episode, she became contender for captaincy. After Ravi is announced as winner, he picked Hamida, Anne and Swetha as contenders for the captaincy task .

Priya into captaincy race:

However Bigg boss gave another twist today. He asked if any of these contenders can sacrifice, Priya can contend in their place. Ravi offered to sacrifice his candidature, probably keeping in mind his earlier tussle with her. However, Hamida, whose decision earlier made Priya ineligible for captaincy, came forward to sacrifice her candidature. Priya initially didn’t accept but finally agreed.

Captaincy task:

Captaincy task started today and this is not a physical task. The probability of winning the task highly depends on the cooperation from the housemates. We need to wait and see whether Priya will become captain of the house or not.

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