Bigg boss 5: First nominations revealing characterisations


In Bigg boss show, nominations episode is always a special episode. True characters and true bonds are revealed during the nominations. On Monday, Bigg boss asked the housemates to nominate the people who don’t deserve to be in the house. Sriram started the nominations by nominating Manas.

Bitter arguments

As always, this nomination episode also was filled with some bitter arguments. While nominating, Lahari had argument with Hamida. She even called Hamida as arrogant and rude. Vishwa and Jessie too had arguments when Vishwa nominated Jessie. Sunny and Sarayua also had some sort of argument

Jessy emotional outburst:

Jessy was nominated by many housemates like Annie master, Uma, Hamida , Nataraj master and at some point of time he bursted into tears. Jessy nominated Vishwa who nominated him. Later Jessy was consoled by Lobo, Sunny and Priyanka at different points of time.

Lobo funny nominations:

Undoubtedly, Lobo is the man of the episode. When Shanmukh nominated Lobo, he gave a funny reaction for the nomination. It was much needed relief at that time because this funny reaction came after Jessy’s emotional outburst. The way Lobo selected some contestants and discarded others for nominations was also bit funny. He evoked some laughs while nominating Ravi. Lobo was also seen encouraging Jessie to be strong after his outburst.

Siri and Kajal mature reaction:

Siri showed maturity when she was nominated by the housemates like Annee master. She thanked Annie for the the nomination. Also, she nominated Priya and told this nominations will make the bond between them even stronger.

Uma, Priya and Sarayu nominated Kajal and gave the same reason that she knows the game well and is a strong contender. Kajal nominated Uma and Sarayu who nominated her.

Transgender Priyanka and Priya’s decent behaviour:

Transgender Priyanka gave very logical reasoning while nominating housemates. She rightly pointed out Shanmukh’s reserved nature and nominated him. She also rightly pointed out Hamida’s meekness and wished her to be strong. Compared to other transgender Tamanna in previous season, Priyanka is putting a very decent show.

Same way, actress Priya also looking very decent and dignified. Unlike other character artistes Hema and Kalyani, who took dominating role right from the beginning in previous seasons, Priya is looking decent and behaving dignified.

Shanmukh arrogance:

Shanmukh nominated Sunny saying he doesn’t like if someone teaches him or tells him what to do. Of course, Sunny retaliated by nominating Shanmukh. Shanmukh nominated Lobo and said he didn’t like Lobo’s interference.

Final nominations list:

Ravi, Manas, Sarayu, Kajal, Hamida and Jessie are in the final list of nominations. But as per the fan following outside e house, Ravi, Sarayu and Kajal might be in safe zone. So Manas, Hamida and Jessie are in real danger zone this week.

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