Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Nominations Turn Explosive with Accusations and Arguments


In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu, the nomination process reached new heights of intensity as contestants engaged in heated arguments, making it one of the most dramatic episodes of the season.

Prashant and Arjun found themselves at odds, with Prashant nominating Arjun, accusing him of consistently resorting to revenge nominations. Arjun, undeterred, admitted to continuing with this strategy, and the two engaged in a fiery exchange. Shivaji intervened, attempting to mediate and calm the escalating tension between the two contestants. In a surprising twist, Prashant also nominated Rathika, expressing dissatisfaction with her gameplay and feeling she hadn’t fully utilized her potential in the house.

Ashwini targeted Priyanka in her nominations, citing negative comments about the Bhole-Ashwini relationship. Priyanka, in a departure from her usual dominating style, defended herself calmly. Ashwini also criticized Priyanka for bragging about her accomplishments. Additionally, Ashwini nominated Amar for his Diwali song, suggesting he took undue credit when the song received praise but conveniently shifted blame to Shobha when criticized. Arjun further stirred the pot, questioning Amar’s actions during the Diwali episode.

Prince nominated Shobha for her biased nominations, accusing her of orchestrating his nomination to protect Amar, a claim Shobha vehemently denied. Prince also nominated Amar for what he perceived as foul play during a captaincy task. The exchange between Prince and Amar intensified, with Amar questioning Prince’s interpretation of events and Prince demanding footage to prove his claims.

Shobha, in a surprising revelation, inadvertently admitted to wanting to nominate Prince last week but could not do so due to affiliation with the Royal Mothers team. This admission fueled Prince’s belief that Shobha harbored a grudge against him.

Amar retaliated by nominating Gowtham, continuing the cycle of retaliation. He also nominated Prince, asserting that Prince’s initial strong gameplay had lost its spark. The discussion took a loud turn, with Amar raising his voice and confronting Prince about comments made to Rathika.

Shivaji nominated Gowtham, citing previous nominations for trivial reasons, and Priyanka, accusing her of bias in her role as a Royal Mother.

As a result, Amar, Shobha, Priyanka, Arjun, Rathika, Prince, and Gowtham face the risk of eviction this week. The danger zone includes Rathika, Ashwini, and Shobha. However, Shobha’s potential immunity due to her status as a management quota candidate might alter the outcome, leaving the audience in suspense until the next eviction announcement.

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