Bigg boss season 4 heading towards a disaster?


Bigg boss season 4 is going ‘averagely’ in recent times. During 3rd, 4th and 5th weeks, the show was having very good viewership and the number of votes was also so huge. But the votes dropped later and as of now, reportedly, the show is heading towards a disaster.

Nagarjuna repeatedly saying the audience that elimination is purely based on voting:

This week also Nagarjuna started the show by saying to the audience that the elimination process in Bigg boss is done purely based on the audience voting. But this is not the first time Nagarjuna is saying this. In recent times, Nagarjuna has been saying this repeatedly in this season.

As everyone understands, Nagarjuna is trying to convince the audience that there was no bias in the elimination process so far. But the audience is not believing these claims as they follow the game clearly. Also when 90% of the social media sites predicted Mona’s eviction, Bigg boss saved Monal. Kumar Sai and Divi were made scapegoats. The same thing happened with Mehboob once as Bigg boss saved him when he was weak.

Many audiences stopped voting:

With all this, even the people watching the show are not willing to vote.and commenting in social media that, Bigg boss team do not care our votes and they eliminate whoever they want. Except Karate Kalyani, Surya Kiran and Sujatha, most of the eliminations were not in sync with popular vote. Audiences are creating memes that nobody should take Monal’s nomination seriously as Bigg boss anyway will save her no matter whether the audience vote or not.

Nagarjuna not talking about the ratings of the show for last several weeks:

During the previous seasons, Bigg boss hosts used to disclose the huge ratings the show got last week. Nagarjuna too did it once this season but he has not been revealing the ratings recently. As per the reports except the hardcore fans of Bigg boss, most of the people stopped taking this season seriously and some of them stopped watching the show totally.

This season got the tag of “Pulihora” season:

This season, unlike the previous seasons, has most of the bachelors as housemates. So bigg boss makers tried to ‘pair’ the housemates. Even though the housemates did not have such chemistry, ‘Bigg boss’ and ‘Nagarjuna’ repeatedly tagged some housemates as pairs. Moreover, the initial triangle of Monal with Abhijit vs Akhil was too irritating for most of the audience of the show. At some point, the show fully depended on such romantic threads and got the tag of “pulihora” season. But the problem with this approach is that whoever plays the game seriously without indulging in such flirtings were eliminated by Bigg boss and those involved in flirting were saved by Bigg boss, for the sake of the footage.

We need to wait and see if the Bigg boss team wants to correct the mistakes and show the fair game or continue the game as per their whims and fancies and lose the viewership.

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