Bigg boss: Set or Cut?


Bigg boss season 5 is going good and started engaging the audience from the first week itself. In the beginning of today’s episode, the housemates were seen clearing the air with other contestants. Priyanka apologised to Uma and they both became buddies.

Nagarjuna’s performance today:

Later Nagarjuna joined the house and told that he is not going to be harsh on the housemates despite the fact that they did some mistakes this week. The way Nagarjuna imitated Shanmukh was hilarious. He appreciated Lobo’s entertainment and exposed Kajal’s hypocrisy about her cooking abilities. Nagarjuna appreciated Ravi for his maturity in dealing with the housemates. However, he reminded Shanmukh about not opening up yet in a funny way.

Set and cut game:

This is the task of the weekend. Each of the housemates has to select one person with whom their bond is set in a positive way and one other housemate with whom their bond is cut into negative way. This task was not very interesting as the same concept was used already in a different way in the house this week.

Kajal was “cut “ by many:

Vishwa today his bond is set with Manas and his bond is cut with Kajal. Lahari also told her bond with Kajal is ‘Cut’. Lobo also told his relation with Kajal is not good but he explained it in a funny way. Sriram also told that his relation with Kajal is cut. Uma too cut her relation with Kajal and reiterated some words uttered by Kajal earlier. Annie master too cut her relation with Kajal and blamed her for over enthusiasm.

Even though Sriram cut his relation with Kajal, she selected him as best buddy. Even though Kajal got more negative comments, she was seen still smiling.

Sarayu vs Siri

Sarayu told her bond is cut with Siri and she didn’t set with any of the housemates. She told she is playing like one man army. Siri retaliated on Sarayu and while explaining the reason for the same, she bursted into tears. Jessie also told his bond is cut with Sarayu.


Among others, Swetha Verma told Annie master is like her mother as she was guiding her. Lobo told Shanmukh is like his late father who used to correct him when he does mistakes. Priyanka was overwhelmed when Ravi selected her as best buddy.


Ravi and Hamida are saved today and rest of the 4 – Jessie, Sarayu, Manas and Kajal are still in danger. It seems Manas and Kajal are in better position than Sarayu and Jessie. We need to wait and see who will be leaving this week.

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