Bigg boss: Very emotional episode


Today’s Bigg boss episode is one of the very emotional episodes in Bigg boss Telugu. In every season of Bigg boss, there will be an episode where the housemates turn nostalgic. This is a similar episode and the childhood and family photos of the contestants are shown to them and they are asked to share an emotional episode in their life.

While childhood photos of the contestants were shown, all the housemates become very emotional and most of them cried a lot. However, the housemates like Abhijit, Kumar, Noel, and Akhil were seen composed. 


Later, Ariyana explained the incidents from her life. She told her parents were divorced when she was 5 and she was brought up by her mother. Her mother was a nurse in a government hospital. She brought up Ariyana and her sister without the help of anyone. Later Ariyana became an anchor and she recalled the times when she did events for 500 rupees or so. Her narration made the audience also emotional.

Monal, Sohail:

Heroine Monal also recalled her poverty during childhood and became emotional while recalling her mother going door to door to sell sarees. Sohail recalled her father meeting a minor accident while working as a miner in Singareni. Mehboob recalled his bonding with family members.


Lasya started her narration revealing that she is from a farmer’s family. She revealed an incident in which, her mother was working on a farm when she was carrying Lasya. As it was almost the 9th month, her mother got pains when she was at the farm and nobody was there to help. She walked almost 1 km to reach the house and then gave birth to Lasya. Also, Lasya apologized to her family members for marrying the person of her choice against the wishes of her parents. She also recalled another incident where she borrowed 1.5 lakh for her father’s surgery.  


Noel revealed that he came from a very humble background and his father did many low-wage jobs including rickshaw pulling. He also revealed that his father was a very big fan of Chiranjeevi fan and he used to listen to Chiranjeevi songs a lot and opined that, probably his musical talent came from his father. He revealed an incident when he showed his father, the movie in which he acted, and explained the reactions of his father. Amma Rajasekhar also explained his bonding with his mother. 


Out of all, Harika’s narration moved the audience a lot. She started her narration on a casual note and told that it is during her intermediate she came to know that her parents were getting divorced. She stayed with his father for a few years but she had to look after all her needs by herself. Later she moved to her mother’s house. She told that, in the last 5 years, there was no single communication from his father. She added, she almost forgot his name while filling a form. She rebelliously added – she doesn’t want to go back to her father.

The narrations of Abhijit, Kumar, Akhiil, and Divi were not shown in the episode.  The episode made the eyes of the audience moist and definitely one of the very emotional episodes of Bigg boss Telugu. 

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