Bimbisara & Sita Ramam Worldwide Pre-Release Business


Bimbisara and Sita Ramam pre release business

Bimbisara and Sita Ramam are gearing up for a grand release worldwide on the 5th of this month ie, tomorrow. Bimbisara is bought on NRA basis by various distributors and Sita Ramam is an own release. Bimbisara is the highest budget film for Kalyan Ram and rights are valued at 15 Cr. Sita Ramam looks the same for Dulquer and rights are valued at 14 Cr. Bimbisara has better advances among these two and might open well tomorrow.

Bimbisara (NRA)

Area13 days Worldwide CollectionsFirst week collections5 Days Collections4 Days Collections3 Days Collections AP/TS Day1 CollectionsPre release business
Nizam8.60 Cr7.84 Cr (7 Cr excl GST input) 7.19 Cr (6.41 Cr excl GST input)6.30 Cr (5.62 Cr excl GST input) 5.49 Cr (4.91 Cr excl GST input)2.12 Cr (1.90 Cr excl GST input)4Cr
Ceeded6.50 Cr5.10Cr4.52Cr3.90Cr3.35Cr1.25 Cr2.50Cr
UA3.65 Cr3.08 Cr (2.75 Cr excl GST input)2.87 Cr (2.56 Cr excl GST input)2.50 Cr (2.23 Cr excl GST input) 2.18 Cr (1.95 Cr excl GST input)0.90 Cr (0.80 Cr excl GST input)
Guntur1.75 Cr1.68Cr1.60 Cr
1.43Cr1.28Cr0.57 Cr
East1.67 Cr1.40Cr 1.30 Cr1.15Cr1.02Cr0.43 Cr
West1.28 Cr1.04Cr0.95 Cr0.84Cr0.74Cr0.36 Cr
Krishna1.44 Cr 1.36 Cr (1.22 Cr excl GST input)1.28 Cr (1.14 Cr excl GST input)1.11 Cr (0.99 Cr excl GST input)0.98 Cr (0.88 Cr excl GST input)0.37 Cr (0.33 Cr excl GST input)
Nellore0.82 Cr0.65Cr0.61 Cr0.55Cr0.49Cr0.26 Cr
AP/TS25.71 Cr22.15 Cr (20.84 Cr excl GST input)
20.32 Cr (19.09 Cr excl GST input)17.91 Cr (16.71 Cr excl GST input)15.53 Cr (14.72 Cr excl GST input)6.26 Cr (5.90 Cr excl GST input)
ROI1.75 Cr1.60Cr1Cr
OS2 Cr1.80Cr1Cr
Worldwide 29.46 Cr25.55 Cr (24.24 Cr)15Cr

Sita Ramam (Valued)

AreaClosing Collections (all versions) Worldwide CollectionsFirst Week Worldwide Collectionsfirst weekend All India collectionsPre release Business
Nizam8.60 Cr5.40 Cr3.45 Cr2.25 Cr4Cr
Ceeded2.10 Cr1.45 Cr1.20 Cr0.65 Cr2Cr
Andhra9.50 Cr
6.75 Cr4.45 Cr2.60 Cr6Cr
AP/TS20.20 Cr
13.60 Cr9.10 Cr5.50 Cr
Karnataka0.65 Cr
TN0.90 Cr
Kerala0.90 Cr
North0.15 Cr
All India 8.10 Cr
ROI12.10 Cr8.10 Cr5 Cr1Cr
OS7.70 Cr
5.50 Cr3.50 Cr3Cr
Worldwide 40 Cr (90 Cr)27.20 Cr (61 Cr)17.60 Cr16Cr

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