BJP following different stands for Telugu states: RRR


YCP rebellious MP Raghu Rama Raju (RRR) has begun making fun of the Bhratiya Janata Party AP unit’s line of thinking on different burning issues these days. First, he found fault with GVL Narasimha Rao on Centre not having a role in phone tapping. Today, RRR asked whether a so-called champion of the Hindu cause was having two different stands for Telugu States with regard to Ganesh festival celebrations. Mr Raju praised BJP Telangana unit President Bandi Sanjay for making a strong appeal to the cadres and devotees in his state to celebrate Vinayaka Chaviti while observing social distancing norms. For this, Sanjay has released a paper advertisement on how to observe physical distancing during festival celebrations.

Rajugaru has also spoken to his colleague MP Sanjay and told him how they both shared similar sentiments on the festival celebrations. Whereas, RRR wondered how the BJP AP unit President Somu Veerraju released his own guidelines which run totally contrary to the stand taken by the BJP leaders in other states. Veerraju was asking devotees to celebrate the festival while remaining at their respective homes. Mr. Raju said obviously the BJP was having different lines of approach for different states.

RRR today described the so-called decentralisation being pursued by CM Jagan Reddy was looking more like ‘centralisation’ of power and resources rather than sharing powers and responsibilities to usher in development in all regions. The 3 Capitals move would not help in future growth or prosperity of the State in any way. The peaceful residents of Visakhapatanm would lose their peace if the Capital is shifted there.

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