Cinema Bandi Movie Review


Indians are fond of cinema and it happens to be the major source of entertainment for most of them. There are many aspirants who dream of making it big in Indian cinema. Cinema Bandi is an innovative attempt that narrates the story of an aspiring bunch of people coming from a village. Everyone has a filmmaker inside him. Cinema Bandi is the story of an auto driver who finds a camera. He decides to make a film and makes his auto into a caravan. The rest of Cinema Bandi is all about the process of making a film and watch it to see if the auto driver succeeds in fulfilling his dream. Watch Cinema Bandi to know about the new age story:

The entire film happens in a village named Gollapalli. An auto driver spots a camera in the back seat of his auto while returning back home. He meets his villager friend who is a videographer for marriages. He also meets an old man and takes his support to pen the script for his film. The village barber turns the lead actor in the film. Cinema Bandi is loaded with pure fun and is shot in real locales.

The makers made sure that they had fresh faces who are never into films. The film is loaded with entertainment and the episode in which the team hunts for the lead actors is just hilarious. It is followed by the lead actors running away in a train and other comic episodes. The dialogues are realistic and the film also has an emotional drama that starts after the camera is taken from the team. The climax portions are hilarious.

Cinema Bandi is made on a strict budget as per the demand of the script and the premises. The songs are good and they are not forced. The entire cast is doing their first film and they did their parts well. Backed by a decent technical team, Cinema Bandi is a good attempt to kill time and makes a decent watch on digital space.

Cinema Bandi is streaming on Netflix and makes a decent watch this weekend. Give it a shot.

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