Developments: Tollywood Strike completes Ten Days


The Tollywood producers decided to call off the shoots to discuss about their biggest challenges and bring back the budgets to a control. The discussion about the remunerations of the stars along with the OTT deals, the VPN charges, and Distribution deals happened in the recent days. The strike completed ten days but there are no major developments. Some of the producers are left under stress because of the mounting up interests on a regular basis because of the delay. Gathering the actors and starting the shoots is a huge task. Some of them say that it would take a longer time to find the proper solutions for all the problems.

Most of the producers are not ready to lock a 50-day cap between the theatrical release and the digital release. They are worried that the digital prices would get slashed which is a major source of fixed revenue for the producers. The theatrical market has seen various ups and downs and there is no clarity about the theatrical market as the perspective of the audience has changed completely. The distributors in the recent Guild Meeting clarified that they are not ready for NRAs and they would distribute films through advance based system.

There are wide speculations about the unity among producers and the ongoing misunderstandings between them. Producer Dil Raju has taken the stage and revealed that four committees are formed to discuss about the issues and find proper solutions. The actors like Balakrishna are mounting pressure on the producers to resume the shoots. The Tollywood producers are clueless about what is happening for now. The actors and technicians of Telugu cinema are keen to get back to work at the earliest.

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