Hello 1st week Worldwide Collections – Poor


Hello 1st week Worldwide Collections

Hello had a poor first week with a worldwide distributor share of below 15 Cr. In Comparison, Hero’s debut film Akhil : The Power of Jua had collected a distributor share 17.95 cr (https://www.telugu360.com/tag/akhil/) and ended up as a disaster. Recovery of the film so far is just 45 percent as the theatrical rights are valued for 33 Cr. The film struggled to collect shares during the last two days though the scenario will be better from today and New Year’s Day will be the last big day for it.

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Below are the area wise shares

AreaClosing Collections11 days Worldwide 1st week Worldwide5 Days Collections4 DaysCollections1st weekend2 Days CollectionsDay1 Collections
Nizam 5 Cr4.85 Cr4.26 Cr4.04Cr3.62Cr 2.84 Cr1.98Cr1.18 Cr
Ceded 2.05 Cr1.98 Cr1.80 Cr1.65Cr1.50Cr1.20 Cr0.78Cr0.48 Cr
UA 1.50 Cr1.37 Cr1.19 Cr1.15Cr1.06Cr0.81 Cr0.55Cr0.33 Cr
Guntur 1.20 Cr1.10 Cr1.04 Cr1.02Cr0.92Cr0.73 Cr0.54Cr0.41 Cr
East 0.77Cr 0.69 Cr0.61 Cr0.59Cr0.54Cr0.43 Cr0.29Cr 0.18 Cr
West 0.65 Cr0.61 Cr 0.53 Cr0.51Cr0.47Cr0.37 Cr0.26Cr0.18 Cr
Krishna 1 Cr0.92 Cr0.79 Cr0.77Cr0.72Cr0.54 Cr0.35Cr0.22 Cr
Nellore 0.55 Cr0.48 Cr0.42 Cr0.40Cr0.37Cr0.30 Cr0.18Cr0.12 Cr
Total 12.72 Cr12.00 Cr10.64 Cr10.13Cr9.20Cr7.22 Cr4.93Cr3.10 Cr
ROI 1.45 Cr1.40 Cr1.25 Cr1 Cr
Overseas 3.50 Cr3.30 Cr3 Cr 2.20 Cr
Worldwide 17.73 Cr16.70 Cr14.89 Cr10.42 Cr

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