Jagan defeated Naidu but not hatred and vindictiveness: RK


Before becoming Chief Minister, YS Rajasekhar Reddy used to get angry easily and at times reacted in an emotional outburst. On one occasion, he had even beaten up a person in the presence of many Congress leaders. But after becoming CM, YSR suppressed his aggressive emotions to a great extent. When asked about this, he said that nobody would care how we behave when we are in smaller positions. But, when it is the CM chair, we should be very careful not to get a bad name. That was why YSR went on taking a neutral stand without discriminating against people along political lines in giving them welfare benefits.

With YSR’s son and present CM Jaganmohan Reddy, it is exactly opposite. In his latest Weekend Comment, ABN Radha Krishna says that Jagan Reddy is not at all realising the need to overcome his aggressive and vindictive nature along political and personal lines. The CM was not hesitating to express his massive hatred for the Kamma community. He is unable to overcome factionist and fanatical arrogance. The chanting of welfare schemes was only used to cover up many instances of revenge being taken against the Opponents in a variety of ways. Hired goons are running riot and blue batch goondas are victimising industrialists, social media activists, rivals and all other dissenting voices.

Referring to rumours within the ruling party, RK says that the AP CM was still being haunted by the memories of his harrowing days spent in jail. These bitter recollections were only fuelling his anger and vindictive nature. As a result, he was misusing very badly an extraordinary chance that came in the form of a massive mandate for him to become CM at the age of 46. This vengefulness has already eroded AP credibility in all respects including in Delhi where Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman told HUDCO and Power Finance Corporation to be very careful in financing AP since Jagan Reddy may divert all funds in the name of welfare schemes.

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  1. Andhra has already become the next Bihar as people voted for a factionist crook who has already been to prison and had several CBI cases against him. Now people will reap the benefits for several decades to come.


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