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Kalyanram MLA Movie Interview

Nandamuri Kalyanram is one actor who has been passionate for films right from his first attempt. Though his journey hasn’t been smooth, the actor was never disappointed and kept testing his luck with interesting films. Kalyanram produced most of his films and has enough knowledge on all the crafts of cinema. After a small gap, Kalyanram is returning back with his next film MLA which will release on March 23rd. Here is a special interview of the actor with Telugu360:

Your polling date is nearing. How do you feel?

Yes (smiles). Our polling is on 23rd and the result too will be out on the same day. Me and my team are eagerly waiting for the big day.

Do you feel that MLA is the apt title for the film?

Yes, MLA is the apt title for the movie and the film discusses about a good human being who makes mistakes and learns from them. My character will be strong and resembles the title.

Any political touch for MLA?

The film has all the commercial ingredients and along with love, emotion, entertainment, MLA has a strong political drama and it has been told in the most entertaining way.

You have been spotted saying Rajinikanth’s dialogues in the trailer?

It was our director’s idea and we attempted that to entertain the audience. My characterization is completely different in MLA and the audience will see a new side of me through this film.

You seemed to have targeted corporate educational institutions with your film. What do you say?

Yes, the film’s theme is all about education and my journey in the film starts there. “If children are given properties, they will live with them and if they are given right education, they can lead the life anyway” is the theme behind MLA.

You have revealed the story through trailer itself. Is this your idea?

We wanted to show about what is in the film through our trailer. I and my team never wanted to confuse the audience hiding the plot. MLA is an honest attempt.

How good was debutant Upendra Madhav as a director?

Upendra is a good writer and he can turn a page of script into a strong single line dialogue without missing the impact. He handled the film well and MLA will be a big break for him.

Your take on politics?

I am not a strong follower of politics and if I intend to talk about politics, will sure do it when I got some good clarity on them.

Do you react about the current political situations after reading newspapers?

I do read and share my opinion about them with my close friends and family members.

You and Tarak share a close bonding with each other. What are the common topics you both discuss?

We mostly talk about films. Tarak loves music and we discuss about more about movies, music and sports.

How satisfied are you as a producer?

I am very satisfied as a producer till date. I never made lame and bad films till date but some of my attempts were not successful. I may not have blockbusters in my career but I have never attempted bad films.

Do you have budget constraints when you are working with other producers?

Obviously. MLA has been made on a decent budget considering my market range. My makers are extremely happy with the buzz and the business of MLA.

Who are the best critics for your films?

My family members are my best critics and they judge my films the best.

Are you disappointed with any of your films for not doing well despite of having strong content?

No. I always kept my best efforts for every film. The results are completely in the hands of the audience. I am not here to criticise them for the results.

About your next film Naa Nuvve?

Naa Nuvve is the first full length romantic entertainer in my career. The audience will be left in shock after watching Naa Nuvve for sure. It’s a pure love story.

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