Kalyanram’s Naa Nuvve release pushed further


Nandamuri Kalyanram had all his hopes on his next film Naa Nuvve which is a breezy romantic entertainer. The film’s songs and the trailer received decent response from the audience and the actor is quite excited about the film. Naa Nuvve which has been initially announced for May 25th release has been pushed to June 1st. The latest news we hear is that the release of the film has been pushed further and the exact release date will be announced soon.

There has been a delay in the computer graphics because of which the movie’s release has been kept on hold. The makers are not happy with the graphics work from the first song after which they decided to put the release on hold. The release date will be announced once the graphics will be ready. Jayendra directed Naa Nuvve and Tamannaah Bhatia played the female lead. East Coast Productions produced Naa Nuvve and Sharreth is the music composer.

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