Opinion – KCR behaving like Acting CM for Andhra?


Unfortunately for Andhras, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has become their spokesperson nowadays. He is the one who led anti-Andhra agitation and caused separation of Andhra without a capital city. Now, KCR is talking about how to work for the golden future of Andhra Pradesh. He is saying that he will guide Jagan like an elder brother. Together, they will open a new chapter. Will he really give good and sane advice to Jagan for betterment of AP?

Whenever KCR talks about Andhra these days, he is raising diversion of Godavarai waters to Srisailam dam through Telangana soil. KCR is explaining that all this is for a better future for Rayalaseema region. He says that he knows how many problems Rayalaseema farmers are facing because of lack of water. KCR says that together with Jagan, he will turn Rayalaseema into Ratanalaseema (a place of jewels).

Analysts say that KCR is a shrewd manipulator who is bent on taking advantage out of political crisis, caste divisions and regional imbalances in Andhra. He succeeded in respect of his Telangana agitation. Now, KCR is bent upon diverting Andhras’ attention from their immediate tasks of building a Capital City and completing Polavaram lifeline project. Instead, TRS boss is misleading YCP and Rayalaseema into believing that diversion of Godavari waters is the only solution. But Polavaram project is also of similar use to divert Godavari waters for use in Coastal areas while more waters could be stored and diverted from Srisailam to Rayalaseema.

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