KCR-KTR shower love and affection on Andhra voters


Increased competition in the GHMC elections seems to have humbled the TRS party a bit. KCR, who is known for his hate comments against Andhras, has also softened like never before. His son KTR too is going a step further to talk sympathetically about the cause of Andhra Pradesh.

Coming just right after the overwhelming floods, the GHMC elections have indeed become a timely chance for the BJP to increase its pressure on the ruling party. The BJP leaders are also emboldened after the recent sensational victory in Dubbaka byelection.

Naturally, there are ample chances for the BJP to attract the Seemandhra voters in Hyderabad. However, the way injustice is being done to Andhra Pradesh is still a matter of concern. The Central funds are not coming for AP projects. Major projects like Polavaram and Amaravati are badly hit.

As such, KCR seems to have reversed his stand and started wooing Andhra voters in a subtle way. He has offered lots of sops for Tollywood which is mostly dominated by Andhras. On the other hand, KTR has talked about how AP Capital has been neglected by the Modi Government. Apparently, the father-son duo are all out to counter the BJP move to woo Andhra vote bank.

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