KCR’s Delhi visit, a ruse to divert attention from Dalit Bandhu?


Is KCR’s fight on the parboiled rice procurement a diversionary tactic? Is his Delhi visit, where he met none, sought none’s appointment and returned after the medical treatment of his wife Shobha, a ploy to divert the issue of the people from the question of the implementation of the Dalit Bandhu scheme? Analysts feel that KCR has used his Delhi visit to obfuscate the Dalit Bandhu issue.

During the Huzurabad bypoll, the Dalit Bandhu scheme was brought in amid much fanfare. The opposition criticised that the scheme was aimed at wooing the Dalit voters of Huzurabad and said that it would stop the moment the elections were over. The TRS had then said that the Dalit Bandhu would continue even after the elections and categorically said that the scheme would be implemented across the state. Naturally, the people and the opposition began questioning the government about the Dalit Bandhu.

Sources say that KCR has used his Delhi visit to take away attention from the Dalit Bandhu. He used his Delhi visit to whip up anti-Central Government sentiments. However, the Delhi tour ended up in a fiasco as the State Government did not seek an appointment with PM Narendra Modi in the first place. The TRS ministers did meet Union Minister Piyush Goel, but KCR did not accompany them. At the end of the four-day stay, the team, led by KCR, returned empty handed.

T RS internal sources say that the idea of diverting the attention from Dalit Bandhu too appears to have failed as the Dalit community is seeking to know when the scheme would be extended to the whole state. Under this scheme, Rs 10 lakh would be deposited into the accounts of every Dalit household in the state. Though the government has launched the scheme, it did not allocate funds for he scheme.

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