Mathu Vadalara Review – For Multiplex Crowd


Telugu360 Rating : 2.75/ 5

Story :

Babu Mohan ( Sri Simha ) , Yesu ( Satya ) and Abhi ( Naresh Agastya ) share a lower class apartment in Jubileehills slum. Babu and Yesu are online order delivery boys, who are paid a meagre salary . One day Babu is caught alone inside an apartment where a murder has occurred. Rest of the story is how the trio make Babu to escape from the trouble

Analysis :

‘Mathu Vadalara’ has a thin story which relies more on screenplay. The debutants’ team pleasantly surprises the audience with it’s racy screenplay , witty dialogues and fresh comedy in first half. Comedian Satya has reinvented himself , aptly titled as ‘ Re-introducing Satya ‘ . The contemporary theme has been smartly put into execution. The satirical thread on telugu TV serials is hilarious

Director Ritesh Rana seems to be a chiranjeevi fan. Introduction , Interval and ending shots are on Megastar’s films. He subtly makes fun on Balakrishna and NTR

Background score by Keeravani’s son KaalaBhairava is good. Production Values are adequate.

Keeravani’s younger son ‘Sri Simha’ debuts with a role that is suitable for his stature. His performance is good for a new comer.

Positives :

  • Comedy is Fresh
  • Youth appealing subject
  • Punch dialogues
  • Comedian Satya Role

Negatives :

  • Second half is an ordinary one
  • Meth Cooking etc elements
  • Thin story line

Verdict :

‘ Mathu Vadalara ‘ is a new age film which works with targetted youth audience. Debutant director Ritesh Rana has shown his mettle in comedy and screenplay for most part of the film. In second half this film has lost it’s momentum , takes too many convenient turns , yet offers some fun. Overall , a decent film !

Telugu360 Rating : 2.75/ 5

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