Opinion : Mr.Modi, your gimmicks cannot make you Vajpayee


It seems the BJP is very eager to take political mileage out of the sad demise of the tallest leader Vajpayee in terms of improving its vote bank in the ensuing Assembly and Parliament elections which is clearly discernible in the way it conducted the immersion of ashes of the deceased former prime minister on various rivers. Clearly,the party made the ritual look like its sole right to inherit the legacy of Vajpayee. But Vajpayee was a towering political personality of matchless gravitas whom every Indian respects and honours in high esteem. Undoubtedly , he was such a rare leader who lived and continue to live forever in the hearts of all people of not only India but also the entire world. Even his political enemies kneel before him for his outstanding stature. That is why BJP shouldn’t have imposed any political, regional, religious and linguistic barriers in the rituals in the aftermath of his death and should have allowed all people and political parties across the nation to take part in the rituals such as immersion of ashes. Moreover, how could the present day BJP – known for its intolerance towards other religions, other cultures and diverse ideologies – claim itself to be fit enough to inherit the legacy of Vajpayee who was known for his liberal and generous outlook towards all religions and all parties opposed to his political line. Evidently, he stood like a rock for the concept of Unity in diversity of the country. It is a fact that he had never tried to divide the people on the basis of caste, colour, creed, community, region and religion. He was an embodiment of national integrity from which Modi is miles away. The NDA Partner Shivsena also severely criticized BJP for not having taken various opposition parties in to confidence while immersing the ashes of Vajpayee. At least now , the BJP needs to learn to correct its erroneous political journey by being wise enough to imbibe the principles established by Vajpayee so as to make the party acceptable to all people of the country.


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