Pawan asks if thousands of crores make leaders happy


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has finally registered his strong protest by visiting the affected people under the Divis industry at Kothapakala in East Godavari district. He expressed deep concern over the bitter criticism launched by the YCP leaders. He said his parents had raised him on values and discipline and that he would not resort to loose talk like the ruling party leaders.

Senani asserted that he did not enter politics to make easy money nor for the sake of caste or religion or such narrow minded matters. He asked whether leaders could be really happy if they could make hundreds and thousands of crores of rupees. The Divis industry brought just 1,500 jobs to the local people. But the pollution it was causing would endanger the livelihoods there.

Pawan Kalyan demanded the Government and the industry to give an undertaking that there would be no danger to the fish wealth in the place because of the pollution. Who would bear responsibility for the pollution in future? There was a likelihood of diseases breaking out because of this.

Pawan demanded unconditional release of 36 persons who were arrested during the protests. They did not float any illegal companies nor ran suitcase companies nor used ‘Kodi Kathi’ to injure people.

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  1. You had our respect until during elections in one of your speech you tried to create regional differences by saying that we andhrites are getting beaten in Hyderabad. Is that not loose talk and is that not politics. As they said in a movie “Simham single ga vasthundi pandule gumpuga” vasthayi. Mare meeru single ga rakunda BJP tho vasthunrau enti Sir.

  2. PK — what about pharma companies in and around Hyderabad. Do you know the Patancheruvu issue with severe pollution levels?

    Do you know the Pharma City in Parwada in Visakhapatnam. Environmental groups fought against it’s establishment at Parwada as it is not suitable for high pollution potential industries. CBN in 2004 as acting Chief Minister of undivided AP made MoU with 2143 acres of land for 33 year lease to Pharma City — later when YSR gave around 20 acres in Mahboobnagar district for the pharma industrialists who have part in Vigag pharma city 33 year lease is chargesheet 7 under quid pro co but not CBN booked under quid pro co for 2143 acres — . Local TDP protested against it as sea is polluted. On my complaint APPCB has fined the pharma city.

    The basic problem here is, pharma industries wanted industries closer to water bodies to dump the effluents. This is same in Srikakulam zone. This is same Gujarat — highest pharma pollution zone. The main issue is MoEF apathy towards people. EIA is not taking in to account the people and environment. Classic example is Shamshabad Airport [by CBN government] minted lakhs of crores against laws.



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