Pawan fickle nature behind JD goodbye?


CBI Ex JD Lakshminarayana took a sensational decision to leave the Jana Sena Party. This has not come as a surprise to the Pawan Kalyan followers or fans. But what is disturbing them is the excuse that JD has given for his leaving the Jana Sena. JD described Pawan as a fickle minded person who has not stood by his vow of working whole time in politics. This was cited as the immediate reason.

Of course, Pawan Kalyan has suddenly become busy with the making of two films recently. But still, Senani is sparing enough possible time to fight against the government on issues like arbitrary shifting of Amaravati Capital and AP Police atrocities. JD didn’t take active participation in this.

In fact, JD has stopped active participation in Jana Sena activities for over five months. He did not either express his opinions critically on the policies of the YCP government like Pawan did. JD preferred to act independently right from the beginning. Maybe, it was for this reason he initially wanted to start his own party. At that time, he also rejected N Jayaprakash Narayan’s offer to take over Lok Satta.

Lakshminarayana obviously looked for a separate identity. Analysts say that politics is for a fighter like Arvind Kejriwal but not for sincere officers like JP and JD.

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