Mega Brother fails to silence Maverick Director


RGV tweets on Nagababu

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is renowned for enjoying the media limelight by making fun of all other celebrities. In the recent past RGV has been making fun of Mega Star Chiranjeevi and his prestigious 150th film Khaidi No 150 ever since its launch.

RGV came with insulting posts on Khaidi No 150 first look, teaser,trailer and Chiranjeevi’s postures leaving mega fans red faced. RGV continued in the same vein despite angry reactions from mega fans. Seems RGV hurt not only mega fans but also mega family members. Mega Brother Naga Babu launched twitter tirade against RGV and blasted living day lights out of RGV and other critics at Khaidi No 150 pre release function celebrated grandly at Hailand, Guntur.

He branded RGV as Akku Paksi and Panikimalina Sannasai. He said RGV and others like Yandamoori Veerendranath are targeting Mega Star only for publicity. He termed RGV as waste fellow and told RGV that his time is over and advised RGV to throw bombs in Mumbai rather than make silly comments.

Naga Babu indirectly taking RGV’s name said RGV has been advising Mega Star on how to act and what films he should do and added Mega Star needs no advice’s from him.

RGV then took everyone by surprise by apologising to Naga Babu with the following tweets.

Naga babu gaaru meeru twitter lo leru kaabatti yevarainaa naa ee tweetlu meeku choopistarani aashisthunnanu ..meerante naaku chaala ishtam

Nenedho naa style lo andari meedha anniti meedha yedho oka opinion cheputhoo vuntanu ..votti mee family meedhe kaadhu ..adhi vine vuntaru

Naa tweetlu Modi gari daggaranunchi Bachcgangaari Varakoo chivariki naa meedha nene chaala commentlu chesthoo vuntanu

Kaani meeru chaala offend ayyi hurt ayyarani naaku thelisindhi kanuka nenu chaala genuine gaa meeku mee family ki sorry chepthunnanu

Naa vuddeshyam vere ayina meeru hurt ayyaru kanuka chiranjeevigariki kooda naa tharapuna dayachesi sorry cheppandi..Thanks

Even as many started wondering about RGV’s strange behavior he came with completely different and explosive tweets taking on Mega Brother.

Hey some idiot hacked my account and did not put tweets in telugu

Sorry typo error ..Hey some idiot did not hack my account and put tweets in telugu

Sorry typo error again ..Hey some idiot hacked my account and put tweets in telugu

Naga Babu Saaaaar because u can’t understand English please ask some educated friend to translate my tweets in telugu

Naga Babu Saaar u don’t have 0.1 greatness as ur great brother and that’s why ur great brother doesn’t make just meaningless noises like u

Nagababu Saaar before advising me what to do,please question urself what kind of Zabardast career u have had in ur entire non life

Naga Babu Saaar whole state knows what kind of wrong advise u gave ur great brother for prajarajyam and made him lose

Naga Babu Saar if u talk more I will tweet more and I know more than u can know more because more is more in u than more is more in me

Naga Babu saaar just saw Khaidi no.150 trailer and it’s Fantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassstickk ..little better than AVATAR

Naga Babu saar many families ran becos of my career nd ur career runs only becos of ur brother’s family.. if u want I can tweet more on this

Naga Babu Saar it’s better u concentrate on pleasing ur brothers instead of wasting on akkupakshulu or u might be on roads..All the best 👍

Chiranjeevi gaaru u should not let ur love for an incompetent brother spoil the greatness of ur being and the greatness of ur achievements

Chiranjeevigaaru u achieved by urself nd u in heart know he did nothing except things like spoiling great events like 150..I feel sad for u

Chiranjeevigaaru for what all u did to him the minimum Naga Babu Saar can do for u is do nothing because only his nothing is better

Chiranjeevigaaru out of respect for u I will stop tweeting now .please advise him to keep quiet or I will start tweeting actual main things

Goodnight Chiranjeevigaaru

I sincierley apologise to all chiranjeevigaari’s fans for the inconvenience caused by Naga Babu ..I apologise on his behalf too..sorry!

God gave so many positives to chiranjeevigaari’s family like Pawan,Charan,Sai Dharam ,Varun, Bunny nd to balance he gave Naga Babu gaaru

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