Is Sakshi an honest sinner or a lying hypocrite?


In the Hyderabad Drug Racket probe, media leaks are a serious concern especially the impact on the people and their families in question. Every media house is leaving no stone unturned to tell a story each hour. They are playing several leaks for hours all related to Telugu Film Industry show after show. Each day the media houses have their own tale to tell based on the leaks and smell a rat in every development.

While sensationalism crossed its limits, Sakshi media house’s actions don’t match its words. The tables have turned around, Sakshi which claimed that it is against the leaks and is flag bearer of truth during the CBI investigation of Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. The leaks allegedly by CBI to the media houses were pricking Sakshi at that point of time. They raised several questions against JD Laxminarayana and media for running shows based on the leaks. Yet, from past ten days, Sakshi has been publishing its banner item on drugs based on the very leaks it opposed in first place. As the saying goes, the only thing worse than being liar is a liar that is also a hypocrite.

The Telugu Film Industry feels targeted because of the attention the media houses are giving and there is no one, not even Sakshi to speak against the leaks. Nonetheless how fair is it to ask of others, what you are not willing to do yourself?

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