Sammathame Movie Review


Sammathame Movie Review

Sammathame Review

Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5

Kiran Abbavaram shot fame with SR Kalyanamandapam and he impressed all the sections of the audience with the film. His performance too received good applause from the audience. After a debacle like Sebastian, Kiran Abbavaram is testing his luck with Sammathame, a breezy romantic drama. Gopinath Reddy is making his directorial debut with Sammathame and Chandini Chowdary is the heroine. Among the nine releases today, Sammathame is the only film that is carrying good expectations. Kanakala Praveena is the producer. Here is the complete review of Sammathame:


Sammathame is the story of Krishna (Kiran Abbavaram) who loses his mother during his childhood days. Krishna wants to find the right girl in his life and bring back the glory to his house. He works on the philosophy of marrying the right girl and love her for the rest of his life. Krishna is one youngster who has enough clarity about the girl he should marry. In this process, he meets Sanvi (Chandini Chowdary) who is against his requirements. Krishna falls in love with Sanvi and he believes that he can change her. The rest of Sammathame is all about their journey and how he convinces Sanvi.


Sammathame has a simple plot and it is laced with logic. The director wanted to narrate about the complications in any relationship. Sammathame has a plot that was discussed in several Telugu films. The narration is completely predictable and the film reminds the audience about several Tollywood films. The treatment is not new. Kiran Abbavaram’s performance and Chandini Chowdary’s characterization are impressive. Some of the episodes are good and the songs are shot well. But these alone could not save the film.

There is no stability in the characterization of Kiran Abbavaram. He changes his decisions instantly. His ideology gets changed after Sanvi enters his life. There are no strong reasons for Krishna to love Sanvi but he falls in love with her. Sanvi is a party girl who loves to lie to her parents. The episodes of father and son are impressive. Sammathame sounds like an OTT film as it is not racy. The second half of Sammathame looks dragged and is boring.


Kiran Abbavaram looks natural and he did his part well. He delivered a matured performance in emotional episodes. He is quite energetic but the director fails to utilize the capability of Kiran Abbavaram completely. Chandini Chowdary’s characterization is well designed and the actress has been decent. The actress looked too lean in the songs. The makers should have picked up a bubbly beauty for the role. Comedians like Sapthagiri hardly made an impact. All the other actors are good.

As told, Sammathame has a lean script. Some of the episodes are handled well but most of Sammathame is boring and dragged. The father sentiment and the thread should have been better. Sekhar Chandra’s songs are ok and the background score is good. The production values are good.


Sammathame is a film that is good for a short film and not a feature film. Kiran Abbavaram’s performance and some of the episodes are the saviors.

Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5

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