Syeraa Narasimha Reddy (all versions) Worldwide Closing Collections – Average


Syeraa Narasimha Reddy Worldwide Closing Collections

Syeraa Narasimha Reddy (all versions) has ended up its run Worldwide with a distributor share of 143 Cr. Telugu Version of the film stands at All-Time Top 3 Worldwide with a distributor share of 134.40 Cr. The film is a profitable venture for Nizam & Uttarandhra distributors in the Telugu States. Ceeded & Nellore buyers have come close to breakeven with a loss of around 5 %. Remaining distributors have faced up to 15% losses. The film can be termed as an Above Average venture in the Telugu States. It is also the only film after the Baahubali(s) to collect more than 100cr share in the Telugu States.

Now coming to the territories outside, the film is a loss venture for the Karnataka buyer who bought the film for a huge 27 Crores. The business for Telugu version is decent to an extent in Karnataka but the other versions have not really performed resulting in a huge loss. Tamil, Malayalam & Hindi version has done poorly in their home markets. The film has faced competition from films like Asuran / Namma Veetu Pillai in Tamil Nadu, War in Hindi which has affected it big time. The film is an own release in these markets thus no one has lost on it.

The film is a loss venture for all the sub-distributors in overseas as the main buyer has sold most of the areas barring gulf. The film has collected 2.625 Million in North America where it has to do around 3.4 Million. The story is the same with distributors who have bought the film in Australia, the United Kingdom, etc.

Overall Syeraa Narasimha Reddy can be termed as an Average Venture.

AreaPre ReleaseClosing Collections13 Days Collections12 Days Collections10 Days Collections9 Days Collections8 Days CollectionsFirst Week Collections6 Days Collections5 Days Collections4 Days Collections3 Days Collections2 Days CollectionsDay 1 Collections
30 Cr NRA32.10 Cr

31.30 Cr30.90 Cr28.60 Cr 27.72 Cr26.43 Cr23.95 Cr21.67 Cr19.72 Cr17.18Cr14.62Cr12.08Cr8.10Cr
Ceded 20 Cr NRA19 Cr

18.05 Cr 17.95 Cr16.95 Cr16.61 Cr16.11 Cr15 Cr13.30 Cr12.10 Cr10.35Cr9.05Cr7.70Cr5.90Cr
UA 14.40 Cr NRA16.80.Cr15.60 Cr15.45 Cr14.41 Cr14 Cr13.40 Cr12.30 Cr10.75 Cr10 Cr8.60Cr7.40Cr6.28Cr4.63Cr
Guntur 11.50 Cr NRA9.70 Cr

9.39 Cr 9.36 Cr9.03 Cr8.94 Cr8.80 Cr8.45 Cr7.83 Cr7.39 Cr6.65Cr6.19Cr5.73Cr5.06Cr
East 9.80 Cr NRA8.35 Cr

8.19 Cr8.15 Cr7.88 Cr7.77 Cr7.65 Cr7.45 Cr6.97 Cr6.65 Cr6.13Cr5.72Cr5.30Cr4.75Cr
West 8.40 Cr NRA6.65 Cr

6.38 Cr6.32 Cr 6.07 Cr5.98 Cr5.88 Cr5.75 Cr5.47 Cr5.25 Cr4.88Cr4.63Cr4.36Cr4.02Cr
Krishna 9 Cr NRA7.70Cr7.26 Cr 7.19 Cr6.90 Cr6.80 Cr6.69 Cr6.43 Cr5.79 Cr5.40 Cr4.69Cr4.25Cr3.75Cr3.02Cr
Nellore 4.80 Cr NRA4.65Cr4.38 Cr4.35 Cr4.18 Cr4.12 Cr4.04 Cr3.90 Cr3.40 Cr3.19 Cr2.89Cr2.65Cr2.40Cr2.09Cr
AP/TS107.90 Cr NRA104.95Cr100.55 Cr 99.67 Cr94.02 Cr91.94 Cr89.00 Cr83.23 Cr75.18 Cr69.70 Cr61.37Cr54.51Cr47.60Cr37.57Cr
Karnataka27 Cr Outright16.50Cr15 Cr13.30 Cr
TN+Kerala+North IndiaOwn Release
7.90Cr7.60 Cr 7.20 Cr
Overseas18 Cr (including expenses & Outright)13.50Cr13 Cr11.80 Cr
Worldwide152.90 Cr142.85Cr135.27 Cr115.53 Cr

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  1. The movie is top 3 in Telugu lagging behind only Bahubali. Chiranjeevi pushed the boundaries of Telugu cinema as always. No other hero in Telugu (without Rajamauli) can even come closer to Sye Raa. Technically, it can be termed average because of selling price vs collections but from the point of view of the audience, they have unanimously liked the film as is evident from the fact that they gave almost 143 crores to this movie.

  2. A great Freedom fighter movie which was unsung but MEGA STAR Chiranjeevi is the person who brought to lime light and made the movie MAGNUM OPUS.
    EXCELLENT MOVIE no second thought on this. Those who are anti to chiru might spread negative comments but ignore these negative comments and njoy the records which the movie has created.
    If WAR and JOKER was not been released on same date then collections would be too high this all must observe please.

  3. Just have a look on the above collections in this article which is wantedly decreased and it showcases clearly. The movie got superb collections until 3rd weekend then how come in this article they mentioned just 13th days? The movie already grossed world wide is 317 Crores and share world wide is around 186 crores.


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