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Adipurush Movie Review – Commercial Ramayana !

Adipurush movie review

Adipurush movie review

TELUGU360 Rating: 2.75/5

Pan-Indian star Prabhas delivered two back-to-back disappointments with Saaho and Radhe Shyam. His next offering Adipurush is a mythological drama that is directed by Om Raut. The film is hitting the screens on Friday and the pre-sales are terrific in all the languages and in all the territories. Prabhas plays Lord Rama and Kriti Sanon reprises the role of Sita. Saif Ali Khan plays the evil Ravana in Adipurush. A major portion of the film’s budget is spent on the VFX work. T Series and Retrophiles are the producers.

Story: Adipurush’s story covers part of Ramayana, The Aranya Kanda. The movie starts with Ravanasura ( Saif Ali Khan) abducting Sita ( Kriti Sanon). Rest of the film is about Sri Rama ( Prabhas) ‘s effort to bring Sita from Lanka with the help of vanara sena

Analysis :
Ramayana story has been told umpteen times on the big screen, on Television, and in books. Many writers and directors have presented their versions for decades. Adipurush Director Om Raut came up with an interesting version of Ramayan. The approach is to make the Ramayana epic appeal to the present generation which grew up watching Marvel Universe films. In this deliberate attempt to commercialize Ramayana, the team Adipurush has been partially successful. Had they made a crisper runtime version, Adipurush would have been a good watch. The Ravana fort artwork is lavish, The Ravanasura’s associate demons’ getups highly resemble Hollywood fiction films than Hindu mythology. The first half of the film has many good episodes one after another and it keeps the audience engaged. However, the second half could not meet the standards set by the first half. The climax portion is very lengthy, high budget visuals were gone waste here.

Prabhas who has an angry young man image, tried his best to portray lord Shriram’s character. He did well. The crucial role of Sita played by Kriti Sanon has less screen time but is good. There are many cinematic liberties with Saif ali khan‘s Ranvasura character.

Prabhas as Raghava
Good First half
Soothing Music
Jai Shriram vibe
Visual effects throughout the film
Decent 3D episodes

Excessive length
Shabby VFX works in a couple of scenes.
Second half


The Commercialized version of Ramayana is a mixed bag. The first 50% of the film is VERY GOOD, the next 30% is so-so and the climax 20% is average. For most of the parts, the visuals are better than expected. The songs and background score are Excellent. The lengthy run-time and shabby VFX work at times play the spoilsport. Overall, the needle stops somewhere between” One time watch” to ” Good Watch ”.

TELUGU360 Rating: 2.75/5

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