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” Andhhagadu ” Review : A decent film !

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

Andhhagadu review

Andhhagadu Movie Rating

Noted writer Veligonda Srinivas, who has provided stories to several Telugu films, some biggies also, is making his directorial debut with Raj Tarun and Hebah Patel starrer ‘Andhhagadu’. Let’s see if the debut director has managed to entertain audiences with a hit pair and a different subject of having a blind man as protagonist.


Raj Tarun is a blind orphan, who grew up in an orphanage. He becomes a Radio Jockey. His accidental meeting with Hebah Patel grows into friendship and then love. Since she is an eye doctor, Tarun acts as if he is normal (not blind) fearing that an eye doctor may not love a blind guy.

After Hebah learns about Raj Tarun’s blindness, she helps him get back his vision. The joy of our protagonist won’t last for long as he starts seeing a “ghost” or “soul”. Only he can see this ghost, it is of Rajendra Prasad. The ghost keeps haunting Tarun asking him to do two murders for it.

A vexed Tarun finally accepts to do the twin murders. The rest of the story is about who Rajendra Pradad is? What is his revenge? Why he has asked the help of only Raj Tarun?


Despite the director has made sure to add substantial elements of Horror, Comedy, and Thriller, the film is basically a revenge drama. The director however succeeded in presenting it in an innovative manner, to some extent.

The film starts off on a slow note. Story revolves completely around Raj Tarun, Hebah and Satya. Despite the slow and routine flow of events, the fun quotient keeps the audiences entertained throughout the first half, barring a few dull moments.

Director Veligonda Srinivas has unleashed his full potential in the second half. The entire story is unfolded here. Once the second half commences, the film starts shuffling from one genre to another. The combination of horror, thrills and mind games keep the viewers engaged till the very climax. There is abundant comedy too.

There is an unexpected yet gratifying twist towards the end of the film. If not for it, Andhhagadu would have been another routine horror thriller.


The lead character is tailor made for Raj Tarun, The youngster is improving his acting abilities with each film. His comic timing was spot on. He seems to have done good homework to play the blind character as he has shown variations in his body language from when he was blind to after he gets vision. Hebah Patel has done a decent job. She had good screen time in first half but was limited to only songs in the second. Her makeup however looked awkward on occasions.

Rajendra Prasad’s character is pivotal to this movie. Its his character that leaves a lasting impact on the audience with that shocking twist. Satya has once again single-handedly taken care of the fun aspect. Raja Ravindra has payed the main villain character after a long time and he was quite good.


Director Srinivas scores high marks in the technical department. Although he took his own sweet time to set up the story, he impressed with a brilliantly written script in the second half. Dialogues also worked big time. The twists and turns in the second half keep audience forget about logic. Cinematography is appealing. Music is the biggest drawback of Andhhagadu. Unnecessary and unappealing songs in the second disturbed the flow of interesting events.

Verdict :

Andhhagadu is one time watchable, story oriented film which has adequate dose of entertainment. Debutante director Veligonda Srinivas has done a decent work. At Telugu States’ Boxoffice, Andhhagadu may end up as a minimum guarantee film.

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

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