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APCC wants TPCC to repay the loan amount


An interesting tussle is happening between the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee and the Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee. With the Congress units in both the states in dire financial straits, the APCC is seeking the repayment of a loan that its Telangana counterpart has taken. The APCC, which now has no funds whatsoever, is desperately seeking repayment by the TPCC.

This loan issue is from the time when the state was bifurcated. The APCC then functioned for some time from Indira Bhavan in Hyderabad, while the TPCC operated from the Gandhi Bhavan. Later, the APCC shifted its base to Vijayawada. However, during that time, the APCC loaned some Rs 15 lakh to the TPCC. This was given to the then TPCC chief Ponnala Lakshmaiah by the then APCC chief N Raghuveera Reddy.

Now, the APCC is in a deep financial crisis. It does not have any accruals. No donations are being given and not even membership amounts are deposited. The party has spent every paisa in the account and now badly needs funds to run its show. Now, Shailajanath, the current PCC chief, unearthed this and has asked the Telangana PCC to repay the amount.

The APCC has now sent a communication to Revanth Reddy asking him to send the amount. Sources say that the APCC feels that it can run the show for some more time with this amount. The Telangana PCC, which is financially stronger, is yet to respond so far.

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Five leaders vie for APCC chief’s post


Congress may not have a single MLA in Andhra Pradesh and its votes are less than 1 per cent. There is literally no activity in the party, no programmes are arranged. Yet, there are no less than five aspirants for the Andhra Pradesh Pradesh Congress Committee. Not just that, there is an intense lobbying on for this post.

The Congress which ruled AP for decades and registered massive victories in Andhra Pradesh even when the whole country rejected them, is now in dire straits. The party has no MLA for two consecutive terms. Not one Congressman managed to get back his security deposit in the past election. In 2014 elections, only one candidate could get back his security deposit. Former PCC chief Raghuveera Reddy, during whose term there was a semblance of activity, is now in dormancy.

His successor PCC chief V Shailajanath is completely inactive. He has not organized a single meeting of consequence during his tenure and there is a growing demand that he be replaced. What is surprising is that there are as many as five claimants for the post. Sources say that former MPs GV Harsha Kumar, JD Seelam, Chinta Mohan, former MLC Gidugu Rudra Raju and Sunkara Padma Sri are vying for the post. As of now party’s AP affairs incharge Oomen Chandy is said to be holding parleys with various party leaders.

It may be recalled that both Harsha Kumar and Chinta Mohan made key comments about the change in the PCC chief’s post. They said that a new PCC chief would soon be appointed for the Congress Party. They further said that the new PCC chief should be spotless and must have the tact and guile to lead the party.

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APCC chief arrested while campaigning against Modi


Andhra Pradesh PCC president  N Raghuvira Reddy and  many other senior leaders have been arrested at Secunderabad railway station today when they were requesting the Bihar passenger travelling home to vote against BJP led NDA in ongoing Bihar elections.

Raghuvira arrived in the railway station along with senior leaders to meet Bihar passengers on platform number 1. APCC took up  the “Defeat BJP in Bihar” program as a protest against Prime Minister Modi’s  what it called indifference towards  fulfilling the assurances made to Andhra Pradesh by the union government  at the time of  passage of Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act. 2014. The demands of PCC include special category status to Andhra Pradesh, special package to seven backward districts in Rayalaseema and North-coastal Andhra etc. The PCC team met many passengers in Secunderabad-Patna train and asked them not to trust Modi and his assurances. They said even the so-called Rs.2.25 crore Bihar-package was also a fraud and it was announced only to appease the Bihari People with an eye on elections.  They reminded the Bihari people in the train how Modi  assured special category status to Andhra Pradesh during 2014 elections and backed out after winning the elections.

PCC general secretaries Janga Gowtham,  T J Sudhakar Babu, official spokespersons Ganga Bhavani, Dr N Tulasi Reddy, SC cell chairman Korivi Vinay Kumar, Minarty cell chairman Ali Khan, Ranga Redd DCC president K Mallesh  participated in the program . They distributed the pamphlets calling for defeat of Modi’s leadership in Bihar. They also fastened the banners to the banners to railway compartments.


He explained that Modi’s Bihar package of Rs 1.65 lakh crores was  nothing but re-packing of all the Central funds due to the state from the Centre. “When we were cheated on promises made right on the floor of Parliament, it is certain that you will also be cheated as Modi has the habit of announcing packages  when elections are approaching. He won in AP and cheated us. If he wins in Bihar, he will surely cheat you”, Raghuveera Reddy explained the people of Bihar in train.

While they were campaigning the station, Police arrested them stating the campaign was not allowed in Railway station. Later, Raghuvira team was released on bail. Talking to media after his release, the PCC president said he was going to Bihar along with  senior leaders C Ramachandraiah, J D Seelam, KVP Ramachandra Rao and Pallam Raju to Bihar to participate in the campaign .  He said the AP Congress team would tell the Bihar people who the Andhras were cheated by Prime Minister Modi and caution them not to be fooled by the  packages and other tricks being played by  BJP and Prime Minister Modi.

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How to defeat BJP in Bihar from Andhra Pradesh ?


Andhra Pradesh Congress, which of late practicing non-conventional political campaigns, is all set to to work to the defeat of Bharatiya Janata Party in Bihar elections sitting in Hyderabad. The decision stems from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s failure to announce the special category state status which Modi himself assured during the 2014 election campaign in Andhra Pradesh.  Entire Telugu population of Andhra Pradesh expected that Modi would announce something- if not a Bihar-like package, to the state of Andhr Pradesh during his participation in the foundation laying ceremony of new capital Amaravati on October 22, 2015.  But the Congress said the PM had disappointed. So, the Andhra Pradesh Congress led by PCC president N Raghuvira Reddy took a pledge today to work to defeat the BJP in Bihar.

The party chose a novel method of campaign against BJP in Bihar. According to APCC general secretary Janga Gawtham,  PCC President  N.Raghuveera Reddy & other senior congress leaders will appeal to the Bihar bound commuters travelling by trains from and through Secunderabad to Patna to vote against BJP & N.D.A in third phase of elections.

” This is  in protest for not according special status to Andhra Pradesh  by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. All available Senior Congress Leaders will go to Secunderabad railway station on Sunday  and meet the passengers in Bihar bound trains from 9 am to 10 am at Secunderabad railway station on platform no 10,” Gautham told telugu 360.com.

“Thousands of Bihar  migrants are living in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Many of them travel to their home state every day.  So, we want to tell them how untrustworthy the Prime Minister is . We also tell how he promised special category status to Andhra Pradesh in the campain in 2014 and ditched the people after getting votes. Our leaders will enlighten the  Bihari people on the wicked character of BJP,” Gawtham said.


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Is DS Quitting Congress?


Former minister, twice PCC president, a party veteran from Telangana, “D Srinivas is planning to leave the Congress. He may join TRS. Joining BJP is  also not ruled out.”

This is the talk in Gandhi Bhavan, the Telangana Congress headquarters, and in Nizambad, Srinivas’ home town. Ask any of his aides, pat comes the reply, “What is the option before him?”

The party is insulting him, they allege.

The man, who earned the moniker of “winning-horse” in the company of YS Rajasekhar Reddy  from Congress high-command in his heydays, is now persona non grata in 10, Jan Path, Sonia Gandhi’s residence in New Delhi. After the defeat of the party in 2014 elections many T-Congress leaders have fallen from the grace of  party high command. One such leader is D Srinivas, who is popular as DS. DS expected renomination to the Legislative Council this time. It did not happen amid changed equations.

“He was not only denied the MLC ticket, but had been thoroughly humiliated by the party. The party picked up Akula Lalita from his home district. DS was not all informed about the decision. In fact, Sonia Gandhi thought of re-nominating him. But, some leaders like Digivijay Singh influenced her against DS,” one of his close aides told telug360.com.

It was not the only instance where he was not consulted.  On many issues, he was kept out of loop and one such important occasion was Rahul Gandhi’s Telangana visit in May, 2015.  When Rahul was in Nirmal in Adilabad district, DS was not allowed to meet the party vice president. According to his aides, of late even Sonia Gandhi’s office is also not enthusiastic about arranging madam’s audience to DS. When he brought his predicament in state party to the notice of party president through some friends, she had reportedly informed him that such issues should be tackled at the state level. It is in stark contrast to the respect he commanded from 10, Jan Path some time back.  Sonia Gandhi used to summon him to Delhi even at the slightest disturbance in the party before the division of the state. He was the only leader from Telangana to have unrestricted access to 10, Jan Path. His clout was so much before the 2004 election that while appointing him as the PCC president for united Andhra Pradesh, the then AICC general secretary in charge of the state Gulam Nabi Azad described DS and YS as winning horses. Again in 2009, calling him a winning horse, party appointed him as PCC president for the second term. On both occasions he lived up to his moniker.

Now, DS, who has been with the party since his NSUI-college days, is now totally cut off from the party.

His bad luck he could not win any election since 2009.

This is the background of the talk about his imminent quitting of the party.

Talking to telugu360.com, a close aide of DS admitted that TRS was one option as relations with party do not seem to returning to normality.

“TRS has been inviting him for quite some time. The party has even offered him local body constituency MLC seat for which election are likely to be held soon,” they say adding that some time back, BJP sources also had contacted him. “BJP has big assignment for him in Delhi,” they claimed.

According the aides DS is waiting for some rapprochement. Because, the former APCC president is finding it very painful to severe a 40-year long bond with Congress.







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