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Bigg Boss tidbits : Embarrassing episode for Kaushal


Today’s Bigg Boss episode was very much awaited after promo released by STAR MAA created sort of sensation in social media as Nani was seen embarrassing Kaushal in that promo video. It seems, this is one of the most embarrassing episodes for Kaushal.

In a previous episode, Kaushal made some comments on Roll Rida. As per the last week big bomb thrown by Shyamala, Roll Rida is servant for all the housemates for entire week. They can ask him to do any task or ask for any assistance and he should obey it like a servant. After that big bomb, Kaushal was seen asking Roll Rida, “Will you wash my as*” and of course he quickly added, “Just kidding”. Roll Rida got shocked by this comment but he didn’t confront with Kaushal on this.

Nani questioned Roll Rida on this, why he couldn’t speak up for himself. Roll Rida told that he was in a shock at that time and he generally thinks about any incident and respond little later, instead of responding on spot. Later Nani asked Kaushal on this and he admitted saying this. Nani also told Kaushal, “If Roll Rida had said the same word to you (Kaushal), I can imagine what could have happened”. Nani also reminded Kaushal about his preachings to his fellow housemates on following the rules.

One more mistake Kaushal did is, he tried to defend himself but that again put him in embarrassment. Kaushal told, he was in trance after his kids came and that’s why he spoke that word. However, Nani reminded that he spoke that word to roll Rida much before his kids came into the house. By listening this, Kaushal put a blank face, admitting the fact.

Embarrassment to Kaushal did not stop there. The very strength of Kaushal is his Kaushal army and support to him through social media platforms. Geetha Madhuri directly targeted that strength itself by saying he could have made some “arrangements outside the house” to boost his image in social media.

Nani also questioned Kaushal on the captaincy task for misunderstanding the rules and ensuring no one goes to finals. Because, if someone had won the captaincy task, he or she would have reached the finals. Nani indirectly pointed out Kaushal and others about this negative thinking of “If I dont get a seat in finals, no one else should get it today” and it told such mindset won’t really help anyone.

Nobody came to safe zone today and all five – Kaushal, Geetha, Deepthi, Amit and Roll Rida are still in danger zone. We will have to wait till next episode to see who will be evicting the house today.

Obviously this episode might not go well with Kaushal fans.This episode, the host and the show itself might once again become target for Kaushal fans yet again. We will have to wait and see how Kaushal fans will respond on this.

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