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Ex-Andhra MLA escapes after police raid venue of cockfight near Hyderabad

A former MLA of Andhra Pradesh escaped when the Telangana Police raided a place in Patancheru near here where he had organised a cockfight.

Chintamaneni Prabhakar, a former MLA of Telugu Desam Party (TDP), had allegedly organised the cockfight at a mango grove. On a tip-off, police raided the place on Wednesday night and arrested 21 people. However, 50 others, including Prabhakar managed to escape.

A police team raided the mango grove in the Pedda Kanjarla village where a large group of men was engaged in betting on cockfights under the lights.

Patancheru Deputy Superintendent of Police Bhim Reddy said they conducted the raid after receiving information that Prabhakar was organising cockfights. The police team found about 70 people there but most of them, including Prabhakar managed to escape taking advantage of the darkness.

The police seized 31 roosters, Rs 13.12 lakh cash, 26 vehicles and 27 mobile phones.

The police said that Prabhakar, a former MLA Denduluru in Eluru district of Andhra Pradesh, was conducting the cockfights. The other main organisers were identified as Akkineni Satish, Krishnam Raju, Barla Raju.

Despite the ban, cockfights are common in many parts of coastal Andhra Pradesh during Sankranti celebrations. Crores of rupees change hands as cockfights are organised in towns and villages across several districts in the neighbouring state.

The organisers made specially-bred roosters fight with small knives or blades tied to their legs. The fight often ends with the death of one of the two birds.

Backed by powerful politicians and businessmen, the organisers make special seating arrangements for those participating in betting and for spectators.

Punters from not just neighbouring villages and districts but even Telangana and other states participate in the betting.

Some of the organisers also conduct the cockfights on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The latest incident shows that cockfights are not just confined to Sankranti celebrations.

It was in 2016 that the High Court had banned cockfights. The Supreme Court had upheld the ban.

Animal rights activists point out that as per the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and the Andhra Pradesh Gaming Act, 1974, cockfights are illegal.

They say despite court orders, the cockfights continue unabated, reportedly under the patronage of elected public representatives while law enforcement agencies turn blind eye to this lawlessness.

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Chintamaneni gets HC relief in SC Atrocities case


Former TDP MLA from Denduluru in Eluru district, Chintamaneni Prabhakar, got some relief from the high court on Wednesday from the SC ST Atrocities case booked against him. The Chintalapudi police in the district booked the case against the TDP leader on April 26.

The case was booked following a complaint by Thommandru Bhupathi, sarpanch of Ankampalem village of Pragadavaram mandal. Bhupathi alleged that the TDP leader abused him by caste when he questioned him while holding protest in the village. The TDP leader held a protest as part of the party programme.

Bhupathi and his supporters went to the TDP’s protest and questioned them for accusing chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. This was followed by a minor brawl between the supporters of Bhupathi and Chintamaneni Prabhakar.

The police intervened and dispersed the fighting activists of the two parties. Later, Bhupathi lodged a complaint with the Chintalapudi police alleging that Prabhakar had abused him in the name of caste.

The court stayed further action on the case against the former MLA. The counsel for Chintamaneni said that the former MLA did not abuse anyone including the complainant. The case was fabricated and pleaded with the court to quash it.

On hearing the counsel, the court directed the police not to proceed further on the case filed against the former MLA. The court adjourned the case for further hearing at a later date.

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YSRCP’s follies help Chintamaneni to rise again


After lying low for some time Denduluru former MLA and former TDP strongman Chintamaneni Prabhakar is becoming active again. He has begun touring the constituency, meeting party workers and interacting with the people at large. Despite a spate of cases and arrests, he has now gone into attack mode. And why has he suddenly become active? The reason is the follies that his arch rival and sitting YSRCP MLA Abbayya Chowdary is committing.

Sitting MLA Abbayya Chowdary is actively encouraging groupism in the party and is playing favorites due to which there is disenchantment against Chowdary. There is a strong feeling that the MLA has lost control over the party cadres. What is more problematic for the MLA is that the cadre is busy squabbling in Pedavegi mandal, which is a strong citadel of Chintamaneni.

For instance, the birthday celebrations of Chowdary were held in the constituency recently. During the festivities, groups led by Thonta Tataiah and MPP Ramya clashed openly. This has led to the arrests of the workers belonging to the Tataiah group. When the MLA tried to speak in favour of Tataiah, the Ramya group has revolted and threatened agitation.

TDP strongman Chintamaneni saw this as an opportunity and has begun wooing the disgruntled sections of the YSRCP. He has begun touring the Pedavegi mandal to regroup his supporters. He is trying to take advantage of the confusion in the YSRCP ranks and win back the support of the voters.

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Will campaign for BJP-Janasena candidates: TDP leader Chintamaneni


Controversial TDP leader Prabhakar once again made sensational remarks. He said he will campaign for Janasena and BJP candidates in the upcoming local elections for Eluru Corporation. Apparently he was so disturbed by the TDP local leaders colluding with YSRCP. Details as below

As municipal polls are approaching fast, political parties are making all the efforts to win maximum seats. Ruling party is ahead of all other parties in this race and pulling the leaders of opponent parties to its fold. Chintamaneni Prabhakar wanted to take Eluru corporation elections seriously and defeat YSRCP candidates but he is not getting support from local TDP leaders. He alleged that these local TDP candidates are betraying the party by colluding with ruling party. He criticized those leaders for being sold out to ruling party. Chintamaneni added, if TDP leaders are not cooperating, he will campaign for BJP and Janasena candidates who are contesting against YSRCP. His comments became talk of the town especially given the fact that he ridiculed Pawan and his party when TDP was in power.

We need to wait and see whether he will really campaign for BJP Janasena candidates.

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Ex-MLA asks invitees not to attend daughter’s marriage


TDP boss Chandrababu Naidu has been raising a lot of awareness on Coronavirus prevention from the beginning. Following dutifully in his path, his party ex MLA and ex Whip Chintamaneni Prabhakar has attracted wide attention here with his frank and outspoken way of inviting people. He unfailingly sent invitations to all his followers and relatives and wellwishers regarding his daughter’s marriage. At the same time, he asked them not to attend the marriage function physically.

Chintamanneni, however, appealed to his wellwishers to shower their blessings on the newlyweds by observing social distancing and by staying at their respective places. The former MLA was one of the strong and fiery voices of the TDP during its regime. He is very popular in West Godavari district and especially in Denduluru areas which he represented in the Assembly.

The Ex MLA has sent sweet boxes along with invitations to over 1 lakh people who included admirers, well wishers, followers and relatives. His daughter’s marriage is being performed in the presence of a very small group of select people. Considering the virus threat, they have also asked distant relatives not to attend the marriage but bless the newlyweds via messaging and social media.

As it is, the Central guidelines are there for restricting the number of attendees at functions and marriages. Chintamaneni has indeed set a new trend by openly asking invitees not to attend the function personally.

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Kotamreddy arrest: Naidu not acted against Chintamaneni


Political comparisons are being made now between the present Jagan Regime and the previous Chandrababu Circar on how they reacted to excesses indulged in by their respective MLAs. The ruling YCP got its MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy arrested for the attack on Venkatachalam MPDO Sarala. But no such action was taken against TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar for attacking a woman officer during Naidu regime during TDP Rule.

Just like Kotamreddy now, Chintamaneni was involved in many controversies and cases at that time. But the then TDP Government preferred to turn a blind eye to his excesses. YCP leaders say that this clearly shows the difference between the unbiased rule of Jagan and the partisan regime of Naidu. On their part, the TDP leaders say that Chintamaneni never crossed his limits like personally targetting government officials. Here, Kotamreddy is going to the residences of victims and subjecting them to terror in front of his followers.

Analysts say that the two incidents show how today’s politicians are becoming impatient and intolerable. The arrest of Kotamreddy is also a mere eyewash as he came out on bail in no time.

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Chintamaneni Prabhakar arrested amid high drama


Ex TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar has gone underground following harassment by the ruling party. The YCP government and the police booked seven cases in the past few weeks. The West Godavari police formed 12 teams to nab the absconding TDP leader. Finally, Chintamaneni surfaced in his native Duggirala village in the Pedavegi mandal. As he is planning to go and attend Chalo Atmakur protest, the police arrived at the village and arrested him.

Chintamaneni was taken to the Elur police station. His followers and TDP leaders gave lot of resistance to the police. They raised slogans condemning the false cases filed against their leader. His family members said that the police forcefully entered their house and checked every room without any authorisation. They created fear among the residents.

Chintamaneni Prabhakar was controversial for his attack on a woman tahsildar. He was considered a tough leader in West Godavari which led to the YCP focusing lot of attention to bring him down.

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Denduluru MLA: Pawan demands action for slapping man


Jana Sena Party President Pawan Kalyan, during his visit to West Godavari, came under heavy pressure from the workers’ unions and the left parties to issue his statement over the man-slapping incident involving controversial leader and Denduluru MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar.

The slapping incident took place way back in April this year when the MLA was arguing with a bus driver at Hanuman Junction over why he did not get torn posters of Chief Minister Chandrababu removed from the vehicle body before running it on roads. A hamali coolie travelling in the bus tried to intervene in favour of the driver and the MLA was stated to have slapped him in public view.

Prabhakar was known for his high handed and confrontationist behaviour. Over 40 cases of assault and intimidation were said to have been filed against him in various police stations. But he would dismiss such cases as politically motivated.

The slapping incident came to the fore once again as CPI, CPM and unions’ leaders raised this during Pawan’s visit. The Jana Sena leader demanded that the TDP take action against its Denduluru MLA immediately and asked Chandrababu Naidu to decide whether he supports the controversial MLA or the public.

Chintamaneni Prabhakar is known very well for his alleged assaults on rival party leaders, officials and others without showing the least expected patience over any mistakes.

A court also gave him two years imprisonment in a 2011 case when Prabhakar was accused of having assaulted then minister Vatti Vasanta Kumar on the dais itself during a Rachabanda programme. The case was filed based on the complaint given by Vasanta Kumar’s driver and Prabhakar termed those charges as baseless and politically motivated.

The TDP MLA was also in the eye of a controversy a few years ago when he was alleged to have targetted a woman revenue officer over matters of illegal sand quarrying and transportation. He also confronted Pawan politically on several occasions, criticising the Jana Sena activities time and again.

Despite his controversial behaviour, Prabhakar has won won Denduluru MLA seat in 2009 and 2014 successively. In fact, his majority increased from 14,235 in 2009 to 17,746 in 2014.

It seems that some leaders get success by hugging controversies.

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Naidu mulling to rollback ‘revolutionary’ decision


Political pressure is building on Naidu on rolling back what the chief minister once touted as revolutionary decision in empowering the women in the state. The government, which is not in a mood to displease contractors, is in principle said to have decided to take back the leases of sand mining from the women self-help groups (SHG). Rather than the women, these contractors play in strengthening the party network in rural areas. There are so powerful that, even if the leases are with the women, they could successfully force the women for illegal subleasing or threaten them to acquiesce to their activities. Even though last year, the sand mining yielded good revenue, it created more problems, because in many places, TDP leaders were involved in the illegal mining. Bitter after taste left by the controversy generated by the purported rude behavior of TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar towards MRO Vanajaskhi is said to have played bigger role in forcing the government to revisit its own decision to roll-back the leases given to the SHG. Though Naidu had to do a lot of home work to give clean chit to Chintmaneni Prabhakar, the controversy generated by his alleged attack highlighted two things: 1. one TDP leaders are involved in the sand related activities. 2. If there is no policy change it would expose the party to the political attacks from opposition parties. Vanajaskhi issue had got limited attention as the opposition YSRC party was busy in other important issues such as special status and land acquisition. As a solution to this, the government is mulling over to cancel the leases of Women groups and give them to the private parties. By this the government could please TDP leaders in a big way . For a party which is not able to provide rewards in the form of appointments in public sector bodies, sand mining leases could be an escapee route. According to sources a final decision will be taken in a week. The issue was discussed threadbare at the Cabinet meeting headed by Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu Thursday. Before announcing the rollback Naidu’s government will publish a white paper on sand mining and supply in the State while asking the people come up with suggestions to improve the system.

This was disclosed by none other than Achhannaidu, labor minister. He admitted sand mafia continued to exert its influence the sand mining. “Whether or not we need to revert to the earlier practice or are there any other ways to improve the present system were discussed,” Achhannaidu said.

The TDP government had handed over sand mining to the DWCRA women groups with a view to empowering them but the rules appeared to have increased sand shortages. Similarly, the ban on quarrying at night led to a decrease in sand excavation, which had a cascading impact on the construction industry is the explanation the government is planning put forth.

“The existing sand mining policy fetched more than Rs. 780 crore in a year compared to about Rs. 60 crore in combined Andhra Pradesh. Unlike earlier, a clear picture had emerged now on the number of ramps and reaches, and the sand available. The government was considering handing them over to private parties by auctioning the reaches,” the Minister said..

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