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Custody Review: Patience Testing Action Film

Custody Movie Review

Custody Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating: 2/5


CUSTODY film story revolves between a sincere and young constable Shiva (Naga Chaitanya), CBI Officer (Sampath), Hitman Raju (Aravind Swamy) and a rogue police officer (R. Sharat Kumar). Constable Shiva is forced to follow them after being caught in the crossfire between the CBI and Mafia. Shiva’s love interest Revathi also join the chase occasionally; Rest of the story is about how and why the two teams are chasing Mr. Raju


There are enough expectations for this film due to the director Venkat Prabhu who delivered decent films in the past. Set in 1996, the film opens in a village near Rajahmundry. A bomb blast kills 40 people, thepremise is connected back to the main villain later in the film. The introduction of constable shiva, his love episodes with Revathi (Kriti Shetty) are very stale. The attempted comedy involving Vennela Kishore is poorly written. Once the Raju (Aravind Swamy), CBI Officer and Sarath Kumar characters enter, the film speeds up a little bit. The low budgeted chasing episodes could not leave any impact. Butoverall, the interval part sets some hope on second half. Second half begins with backstory of the shiva family. Subsequently the film goes on and on with the rogue cops chasing Raju. One may wonder why this film has taken 1996 backdrop.Even technically the film is not up to the mark. The background score is lousy, and the songs are bad.

The main drawback of the film is that patchy production values. The only good thing that worked out is the casting. There is a huge number of reputed artists involved but the output is marred by the weak script. Entertainment values are missing and to compensate for itsaudiences don’t even have adequate action. At some point the film appears like a Tamil film with few Telugu actors. Director Venkat Prabhu seems missed his flavor due to bilingual attempt.

Performances: As always Naga Chaitanya is good in his role, putting his best efforts. Krithi Shetty is adequate as heroine. Aravind Swamy, Priyamani, Sampath and R. Sarathkumar played other main characters. Aravinda swamy getup and characterization is irritating.


  • Casting
  • Couple of chases


  • Story, Direction
  • Repetitive chase sequences
  • No Entertainment

Verdict: ‘ Custody ‘ is a patience testing action film with huge casting. The repetitive chase sequences with same trio didn’t offer at least average content. The flashback family story is an age-old one. It is a Tamil film with few Telugu actors in it. Overall, all crafts failed !

Telugu360 Rating : 2/5

Release date : 12 May 2023
Director : Venkat Prabhu
Music director : Yuvan Shankar Raja Ilaiyaraaja
Cinematography : S R. Kathir
Language : Telugu
Producers : Srinivasa Chitturi

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