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Das Ka Dhamki Review – Overdose of Das

Das Ka Dhamki Review

Das Ka Dhamki Review

Telugu360 Rating 2.25/5

Story :

Krishna Das ( Vishwaksen) works as a waiter in a star hotel in Hyderabad. Das and friends lead middle class life, want to lead a rich life. Pretending as a rich brat Das cheats keerthi ( Nivetha ). On the other hand Sanjay Rudra ( Vishwaksen) a look alike of Das runs a pharma company which claims discovery of a cancer drug. There is a 10,000 crores deal for which Dhanunjay ( Ajay ) and Sanjay fight for. Eventful sequences lead Das to impersonate as Sanjay. Rest of the story is how Sanjay and Das cross into each other’s space

Analysis :

In first half Das role and characterization are neatly done. Vishwaksen seamlessly transforms into a waiter role. The love story with Keerthi is commercially packed if not with freshness. With his body language and youth centric dialogues, Viswaksen delivers average watch up until interval.
Hyper Aadi, Mahesh as sidekicks to Das deliver much needed comedy dialogues.

Rao Ramesh engages Das to impersonate Sanjay sets the game for second half. As a director, Vishwak overtries from here on. Dual role films turn double edged sword to the director. They get ample scope to generate engage the audience , but sometimes dual roles add to confusion.

Problem with the Das Ka Dhamki script is too many twists, and mainly flipping the identities of Sanjay and Das turn headache by somepoint. Unnecessary violence, Overdose of swear words might help pulling in certain section audience but deters many. Hopefully, those words are censored in India prints. The crucial climax portion and post titles scene also didnt work much. Overall, had vishwak kept it simple in second half he would have scored a winner.

Performances :

Viswaksen as Das did great work, Sanjay characterization didn’t give him much scope to do the same.  Nivetha as Keerthi is adequate. Rao Ramesh role is a very predictable boring one.

Production values are top class and audience might feel they are watching a star hero film budgetwise. ‘ Mawa Bro’ , ‘ Almost padipoyinde pillaa ‘ songs are good on screen

Positives :

  • Vishwaksen mark elements
  • Lavish production value
  • Two Songs

Negatives :

  • Nonsensical second half
  • Confusing screenplay
  • Cancer drug thread

Verdict :

‘Das Ka Dhamki’ is an average fare for youth , tests patience for other sections. Viswaksen did a good job as a hero, but couldn’t meet expectations as a director. Too many confusing twists in the second half played spoilsport.

Telugu360 Rating 2.25/5

Relase Date: 22nd March 2023
Director :Vishwak Sen
Music Director :Leon James , Ram Miriyala
Cinematography :Dinesh K. Babu and George C. Williams
Language :Telugu
Producers : Vanmaye Creations and Vishwaksen Cinemas

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