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Sudheer Babu’s HUNT Movie Review

Hunt Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating 2/5

Sudheer Babu has been struggling to deliver a hit from the past few years. He tested his luck with HUNT, an action thriller. The film is the remake of the Malayalam blockbuster film Mumbai Police. Here is the complete review of HUNT:


Arjun Prasad (Sudheer Babu) works as an Assistant Commissioner in Hyderabad and Mohan (Srikanth) is his superior. Aryan (Bharat) too is an Assistant Commissioner. All these three are good friends and Arjun, Aryan works on a mission at the country’s border and assassinates the terrorists. Aryan receives an award from the Governor for his achievement. During his speech, an unknown person shoots Aryan who gets killed. Arjun has been asked to investigate the case. Arjun finds the real culprit but before he informs the same to Mohan, his car meets with an accident. Arjun forgets about the past and the investigation reaches the first page again. Arjun takes up the investigation again and the rest of the film is all about reopening the case and finding the real culprit in the crime. Watch HUNT to know about the story.


HUNT is the remake of Mumbai Police and it released a decade ago in Malayalam. The case was a sensation ten years ago and it sounds pretty normal today. The climax portion was a sensation in the original and the makers predicted the same with the Telugu version but it turns out to be a huge misfire. Any murder mystery needs a strong crime scene but it misses in HUNT. There would be lot of characters to raise the curiosity in a crime thriller. The narration lacks interest and the film happens on a dull note. The friendship scenes too lack interest. The terrorist episode tries hard to raise curiosity and it fails big time. The interval bang too is quite weak.

The investigation happens at a slow pace in the second half. HUNT is a true remake to the original and there are lot of outdated elements as the film released ten years ago. A film like HUNT should have a brilliant screenplay with some interesting twists. The director believed in the climax twist alone and this did not work out for the film.


Sudheer Babu did a huge risk for HUNT but the film is a huge misfire. The film did not match his body language or his image as an actor. Sudheer Babu delivered his best for the film. The director failed badly in making HUNT an impressive and gripping crime thriller. The action episodes are ok. The characters of Srikanth and Bharat should have been better. Goparaju Ramana, Gopi and Manjula have done justice for their roles.

The production values of HUNT are decent. Ghibran’s background score sounds good but the party song was not registered well. Apsara Rani looked glamorous in the song. The cinematography work is decent. Some of the Hollywood technicians worked for the action stunts but they are not quite effective. HUNT is a film that is made based on the climax twist. This turns out to be a huge misfire.

Verdict: HUNT fails badly as the narration looks poor and outdated. The climax twist fails badly.

Telugu360 Rating 2/5

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