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Weekend Box-office Report : Aquaman Tops , 2.0 is a Below Average Venture


Aquaman / SamudraPuthrudu : Dc’s Aquaman aka SamudraPuthrudu has comfortably topped the weekend Box-office in Telugu States. The collections are decent to good for an English dub film but the purchased rates a bit high. The film will be a loss venture for area wise stakeholders unless it holds well on weekdays. Decent !

2.0 : After topping the weekend Box-office for two consecutive weekends, the film has come down in it’s third weekend. The film which was doing well in 3D version has got competitor this weekend in the form of Aquaman and that has consumed the business big time. 18 days total of the film is estimated to stand at 50.5 Crores share against the buying rights of 72 Cr which means 70 percent recovery. Below Average !

Husharu : After a low opening on Friday , the film improved a bit in A centres on Saturday & Sunday owing to the decent talk. It needs to hold well on weekdays to retain screens for the next weekend as 4 films are scheduled to release this Friday. Average !

Kavacham : The film continued to rake shares in some B,C centres but that won’t change the fate of the film. The will close it’s business with 5 cr distributor share in domestic markets against 16 cr valued rights. Disaster!

Other New Release like Odiyan , Bhairava Geetha & holdover Subrahmanyapuram had low key collections and shares the 5th spot. Odiyan , Bhairava Geetha are outright disaster while Subrahmanyapuram is a below average venture with around 1.50 cr distributor share in domestic markets.

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Husharu : Celebration of Life and Friendship

Husharu movie review

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

Husharu is a youthful comedy caper starring a bunch of upcoming artists in lead roles. The film is directed by SreeHarsha Konuganti and Radhan have composed the soundtrack.

The trailers and teasers filled with slapstick comedy and humorous situations revealed that Husharu is targeting younger generation audience. Here is our review:


Arya,Chey, Dhruvand Bunty are four childhood friends who turn mischievous youth. Without any work, they live happy go lucky life. Their main hobby is searching for girlfriends. Arya finds Geetha, Chey finds Rhea as girlfriends. The other two run after Tinder dates. As one of them struck by ill-fate, all others are now forced to earn money as soon as possible.

They start a beer factory, further have an idea to expand operations to a restaurant as well. Finally how they were able to overcome the obstacles – is the rest of story


The four youngsters who played the main roles are quite natural in their performances. Their boy next door looks, innocence will make you cheer for them. The two girls (heroines) are okay looks wise, they’re liberal in lip lock scenes. Rahul Ramakrishna as Raj Bollamin second half sets the screen on fire, another good role for him. As a frustrated IT employee his comedy works. Remaining character artists are unknown, nothing special mention about any one of them


‘ Husharu ‘ is a pleasant surprise in terms of content. It is not a great film but has right blend of humor, emotions and romance.Though story is very simple and age old one, it is the treatment which stands out. Debutante director Harsha Konuganti ensured the contemporary look is maintained throughout. First half is okay, filled with love making scenes and routine youth fun stuff and second half has some emotions worked out. Rahul Ramakrishna role has more weightage in second half. Few scenes of him divert the main theme. Usually this genre films are stuffed with sleazy content with cheap taste but in this film director has managed to take a class approach, despite liberal lip lock scenes
Radhan’s music is soothing, Cameraman RajThota’s work is impressive with glossy look. Producer BEkkem Venugopal spent adequately


  • Humor, Emotions and Youthful love scenes
  • Fresh actors and their natural performances
  • Music


  • Thin story
  • Repetitive scenes in second half


‘Hushaaru‘ movie is a good attempt – it is a celebration of friendship & life of four mischievous boys ! The honest characterization of all four friends, natural performances, contemporary direction, decent songs, Rahul Ramakrishna’s comedy scenes are positives. Overall, this movie may appeal to the targeted audience. Youth may watch this movie.

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

Release Date : 14th Dec, 2018
Director : Sreenu Harsha Konuganti
Music Director : Radhan
Producer : Bekkem Venugopal
Starring : Tejus, Rahul Ramakrishna, Ramya Pasupuleti, Hemal Ingle, Daksha Nagarkar

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Contemporary Nostalgia- Husharu Audio Review


Husharu Audio Review

Husharu is an upcoming entertainer starring Tejus Kancherla, Tej Kurapati and Rahul Ramakrishna in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by Radhan who is well known for soothing melodies.

The album begins with a brilliant number Undiporadhe by the singer of the year Sid Sriram who is on the path to get more hits. The symphonic strings is quite a delight to hear and Sid brings about his classical style of singing infused with Jazz as well. Kittu Vissapragada’s lyrics are breathtakingly good which sets a romantic mood instantly. The interludes are appealing with simplistic arrangements which make a definitive impact.

Pichaak is a fun filled number sung by the brilliantly timed comedian Rahul Ramakrishna. The song is like a well written tribute for Telangana slang penned by Varikuppala Yadagiri. The real coolness begins when these local sounding lyrics are fused with Hip-Hop beats which pumps up additional energy to the song. The trouble of a Telangana village guy in an urbane IT environment is quite entertaining and refreshing.

A groovy number Na Na Na is effectively based on western harmonic minor scale. Bobo Shashi’s voice is quite contemporary and stylish for this classy number. Bhaskarabhatla’s lyrics sound melodious and at the same time give a modern outlook as well. The usage of djembe rhythms fused with local drums turn out to be quite effective.

The finale occurs with Friendship Song fusing techno sounds with acoustic guitar with interesting take. Music for this song is given by Sunny MR and it is quite evident with the fresh sounding and impressive mix up of genres. Krishna Kanth’s lyrics speak highly about the bond of friendship in conversational terms. The song also has 80s retro beats fused effectively in the midst of modern trance sounds.


Hushaaru is a laid back album which focuses on other aspects of music such as comedy, and blending different elements into one.

Our Picks: Friendship Song, Undiporadhe

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