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Hyderabadis miss their favourite trade fair ‘Numaish’


Hyderabadis ushered into a new year without the annual trade fair ‘Numaish’ which has been part of the historic city’s culture for 80 years.

For the first time in 72 years, the exhibition did not commence on January 1 due to Covid-19 pandemic.

The Exhibition Society, a state government-controlled body which organises the All India Industrial Exhibition every year, decided to postpone the 81st edition till January 31.

Though the Covid-19 situation in Telangana is under control and the number of cases in Hyderabad has dropped, the Society headed by Telangana’s Health Minister E. Rajender, took the decision as a measure of abundant caution.

As thousands of people throng exhibition every day and the current guidelines don’t permit gathering of more than 200 people, the Society decided to defer the 46-day event.

Officials said they did not want to take a chance especially in view of the possibility of a second wave of the epidemic and some cases of UK strain of coronavirus being reported in the country. They are hopeful that ‘Numaish’ will begin in March-April.

Traders from various parts of the country set up their stalls during the exhibition, which is visited by 45,000 people every day.

Every year, ‘Numaish’ begins on January 1 and goes on till February 15. Over 20 lakh visitors had visited the exhibition last year.

A unique blend of economy and culture, the event is organised at the sprawling Exhibition Grounds in the heart of the city and revenues from the fair are spent on group of educational and charitable institutions run by the Society.

The exhibition draws people not just from the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad but from other parts of Telangana and even neighbouring states.

Numaish-e-Masnuaat-e-Mulki or Numaish, in short, made a humble beginning in 1938 as an event to promote locally produced goods.

Beginning with just 50 stalls, it has evolved into one of the biggest industrial exhibitions in the country.

The seventh Nizam of Hyderabad State, Mir Osman Ali Khan, inaugurated the first ‘numaish’.

Enthused by the good response, it was decided to make it an annual event and use the earnings to promote education.

With each passing year, the event grew in size and popularity. Old-timers recall that it became a platform for artists to show their skills. Mushaira or literary activity, songs and qawalis became a part of it.

Now there is more focus on commercial aspect. Traders from across India, besides local industries, entrepreneurs, hotels and food chains, set up stalls.

Various state and central government departments as well as public sector undertakings use the platform to reach out to people.

Numaish could not be organised in 1947 and 1948 due to the turmoil in the aftermath of India’s Independence. With Hyderabad acceding to the Indian Union, the event bounced back in 1949.

Renamed the All India Industrial Exhibition in 1949, it was inaugurated by the first Governor General of India, C. Rajagopalachari.

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Numaish exhibition goes cashless, wireless and customer-less


A wide array of eateries, lots of shopping, joy rides – as always the All India Industrial Exhibition in Hyderabad-Numaish, has something to keep every visitor engaged.With the start of 2017, Nampally Exhibition also starts and this year it completes 76 years, which is a big accomplishment in itself.

PaytmAs you enter the exhibition this year, it ensures to surprise the visitors. The ticket fare is increased from ₹20 to ₹25 and no prizes for guessing, one can pay the ticket using card. The next turn is the stores displaying PAYTM and ‘Cards Accepted’ boards. Until last year purchasing things at exhibition and flipping a card would call for unwanted stares. Cashless transaction in Numaish is definitely a wow moment.

Most of the sellers are using Miswipe machines for cashless transactions. A vendor who sells crockery in kilograms tells Telugu360 “We got this swiping machine from a private vendor Miswipe. Most of us here are using machine from the same vendor”

empty-stallsVendors with PoS machines are doing better than others, offering e-wallet options is of not much use. The empty stalls at Numaish reflects the impact of demonetisation. The 46-day long exhibition has more than 2500 stalls. Despite being prepared with digital payment facilities; the exhibition is experiencing decline in the number of customers. The crowd was seen increasing over the weekend but the sales did not improve.

A vendor who sells antique pieces says “My first sale happened now at 5:00pm today. The sales are very less” Window shopping is the default choice of most of the visitors. One can hear salespersons complaining that people are just looking at shops and walking away. Some sellers are trying to make their way through this drop in sales. The owner of ‘Kashmir Famous Jewelers’ tells Telugu360 “I’ve been putting up stalls for 25years now. This year the number of customers are very less. To get some profit if they are paying using card, I am informing the customers that I will charge extra” Not everyone has gone cashless. The sellers who don’t have a stall are accepting only cash. Here is a heads up, don’t flash 2000 note, we are not yet done with the change woes.

TSCOIt is not just demonetization, but e-commerce which has impacted the stalls. The vendor who sells curtains tells Telugu360 “Online shopping has ruined us. The things they sell are different from what we sell. The quality is different. People come and tell me we saw it online for 500, now give it to us for 400. I said I can let them click pictures for 400” The state and central government’s departments have their stalls. Telangana Toursim and Arogya Sri stalls stand out for their unique design. If you are a government servant, don’t forget to visit the TSPO stall and buy handloom clothes.

JIOAnother attraction is the free wireless internet service for Reliance Jio Visitors who can enjoy high speed Wi-Fi connection. Ensure to try the Pista House Haleem which doesn’t taste the same as the one sold during Ramzan season.

Groom your bargaining skills as much as you can, especially with demonetization prices may look soaring. For every few meters one can find a policeman, a sweeper and purified water stand making it very comfortable and safe for its visitors. Apart from shopping, entertaining rides and a wide array of eateries, cultural shows, Exhibition has something to keep every visitor pleasantly engaged.

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