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AP Assembly adjourned – but the epic battle will go on…


Even though Andhra Pradesh assembly has been adjourned sine die and the government ensured passage of nine bills in a matter of two hours, the epic battle between YSR Congress leader Jaganmohan Reddy and chief minister Chandrababu Naidu remained inconclusive. It’s all set to spill over into the streets from next week with chief minister planning to launch counteroffensive against Jagan, while the latter is planning to range entire state against Naidu by sitting on fast unto death from third week of September.

The just concluded monsoon session was ruled by lungpower rather than informed debates on the agenda lying before the house. The entire state watched the ding-dong battle of TDP and YSRC. While the ruling party called the YSRC leader as Psycho and his as a parties of psychos, Jagan called TDP leader a goonda and TDP as a party of goondas. During the five-day session, the YSRCP tried to corner the ruling party by raising an issue a day and hijacked the house with adjournments and walkout.

All issues, whether it was pattiseema, capital Amaravati, price-rise, drought or the cash-for-vote- boiled down to Jagan vs Naidu fight. While Opposition attended the house with a sole objective of pinning down Naidu on one issue or the other, the treasury benches had worked hard to prick him with disproportionate assets cases in which Jagan was A.1. Jagan asked the CM to resign on moral grounds as he was the mastermind behind the cash-for-vote scam as per the CBI chargesheet, Naidu gave a retort by describing Jagan a Friday-man. ” You are attending court cases on every Friday.You have no moral right to question my integrity,” Naidu told Jagan. While the Opposition leader asked Naidu a pointed question to tell if the purported voice recorded in the conversation that took place between Stephen Sebastian, a nominated Telangana MLA and Naidu was not his.

But, the defense put up by treasury benches failed to match up the offensive launched by the Opposition party. Even though the TDP deployed leaders with lung-power such as – ministers Ravela Kishore Babu, Achhannaidu, chief whip Kalva Srinivasulu, MLA Dhulipalla Narendra, Palle Raghunatha Reddy they proved a mismatch with rival side represented RK Roja, G Srikanth Reddy, J Nehru, Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy etc.

While Jagan raised the current issues, the TDP tried to counter them with two-year old cases of Jagan less effectively. Ultimately as an opposition leader Jagan is proven successful in his floor strategy by grabbing headlines. Surprisingly, TDPs Naidu is also equally successful in implementing his floor strategy as he ultimately got all bills passed without any problem. After all, the session is always meant to get the house-nod to the bills the government wants to push through.

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YSRC adjournment motion disallowed


speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao disallowed the adjournment motion submitted by YSRCP on issue of special category status to Andhra Pradesh. The party wanted suspension of all the business and take up the issue and pass a resolution demanding the centre to bestow special status on AP.

The YSRC members trouped into the well and surrounded the Speaker’s podium demanding taking up of the motion. They raised slogans, displayed placards. Disallowing the motion, the speaker said the government was ready to make a statement on the issue and it would be followed by a discussion and a resolution also. “The adjournment motion has been disallowed. Your are not supposed to raise the demand again in the house and stall the proceedings. Mr Jagan, please ask your members to take their seats,” speaker said adding that a government statement was very much on the agenda.

Legislative affairs minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu appealed to the Opposition benches to cooperate with the government as it was ready to take up the matter as per agenda, agreed upon in the business advisory committee this morning. Jagan said the statement was a ploy to avoid the debate. “Why is the house taking up question hour after 12 instead of taking up the adjournment motion?” Jagan asked stating the statement of chief minister was only a ploy to avoid the debate.

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Is Jagan slipping into bad politics again?



Politics is all about power and the state power is meant to acquire ownership over the state assets. The welfare of the people is only a byproduct of competitive politics. Once you acquire ownership through political power, you can do whatever you desire. You can sell off the government and farmers’ lands, mortgage or transfer them to corporates, you can buy luxury buses and cars for your tours, you can renovate camp office and office with hundreds of crore, you can even rebuild them in the name of vastu, you can demolish buildings, get new ones constructed… all with peoples’ money. It’s this ownership that engenders the fiercest battles in politics.
Anybody(no need to cite names)who is in politics plays the game only to win the ownership of the vast estate called state.


Politicians, however, should not be too obsessed with this motive to gain power. This is bad politics and It would jeopardize the basic objective. Jagan’s political career is marred by bad politics from the very beginning itself. He earned notoriety as a son who tried to sit on thrown through a signature coup even before the funeral rites completed to his dead father. How far it is true, whether Jagan is directly involved in it or not, or some J-zealots did all this is immaterial now . But it had become a major sources of embarrassment for Jagan. It is difficult to erase this episode from the memories of the people.

Everybody was under the impression that Jagan was a man in a hurry and he himself spoiled his chances of becoming chief minister. All his hard labor, Odarpu Yatras, fierce speeches, YSR good will and even the belated-stubborn stand he took against the partition of the state could not save him from the ignominy of the defeat in 2014. Reason, the bad politics he practiced. He was too obsessive with the post of chief minister. Ask anybody in state, pat comes the reply, “had he been a bit patient, he would have become the chief minister in 2014.”


The dharna, he organized near CRDA office in Vijayawada on Wednesday, was clearly an indication to the replaying of the old tragicomedy. The program was meant to organize farmers against the forcible and undemocratic way of acquisition of fertile lands by the government to build a ‘world-class’ capital. It was definitely not the time to talk about becoming chief minister. He should have resisted the urge to tell the people that no force on earth could stop him from becoming chief minister. He should have confined himself to the issues of capital and politics of TDP.

He clearly and unwittingly announced to the whole world that he was organizing these struggle to become chief minister. He also forecast the political fall of chief minister Chandrababu Naidu. His obsession with the post of chief minister was so strong that he got slipped into a delirium of one-upmanship which has not gone down well with those who were observing him from afar. It was clear that what was happening there at the dharna was not the fight for justice, but a fight to settle scores with Chandrababu Naidu.

“Since Chandrababu Naidu is determined to build the capital, It should be opposed with equal determination as an opposition leader” was what his speech conveyed to the people across the state. It appeared as if he was organizing dharna with a sole motive of becoming chief minister rather than coming to the aide of the farmers, who are set to lose multi-crop and uniquely fertile lands. Till then, the TDP, which had been on the defensive on capital lands issue, grabbed the opportunity to launch an aggressive attack on him for this “would be chief minister” remark. Not only the ministers, even the intellectuals at the Special Status Sadhana Samiti had to appeal the political parties not attempt to settle scores using problems of the people.


This too much obsession with the post of chief minister, when the elections are too far away, has the potential to derail his agitational politics. It may earn him tons of cheers from his cheerleaders and those affected farmers, but it would hardly please others who are outside the pen of YSRCP.

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