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Is Jana Reddy planning to join TRS for son’s political future?


Jana Reddy … the very name reminds one of a mature, sedate and measured politician who weighs every word he speaks and deliberates every action he takes. Since the stunning defeat in Nagargunasagar, Jana Reddy has been lying dormant. He has also indicated that he may not enter the electoral politics for some time.

But, there is a buzz in the political circles that Jana Reddy is now planning to join the TRS. Sources say that the aim of this whole exercise is to promote his son in politics. Sources say that Jana Reddy himself is disinclined to either align or join with the TRS, but there is said to be pressure from the family and close supporters that he should pave way for his son’s political journey.

As of now, Jana Reddy is keeping a low profile and is keeping a distance from the present PCC dispensation led by Jana Reddy. In fact, even before the Nagarjunasagar bypolls, he wanted the announcement of the PCC chief’s post postponed. He said that this could have a damaging effect on the Congress campaign. This has actually helping increasing differences between Jana and Revanth Reddy. Sources say that the PCC is not sending invitations to Jana Reddy these days.

Meanwhile, there is said to be lot of pressure on Jana Reddy from within the family to join the TRS so that his son Raghuveer Reddy can have a brighter future in politics. As of now Raghuveer is in the Congress Party. Sources say that if the TRS makes an attractive offer, both Jana and Raghuveera could join the TRS.

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Jana Reddy asks TJS ticket?


Congress senior leader and ex-Minister Mr. K.Jana Reddy has allegedly asked ticket of TJS for his relative, sources said.

Mr. Reddy sought both the Nagarjuna Sagar and Miryalaguda tickets from Congress party for himself and for his son Mr. Raghu Vir but, due to the strict rules of AICC chief Mr. Rahul Gandhi, he bound to Nagarjuna Sagar ticket and the Miryalaguda ticket was gone to TJS under the Mahakutami alliance principles. Following these circumstances, Mr. Jana asked Professor Kodandaram to either contesting from Miryalaguda or leaving the seat for his close relative and Film Industry JAC leader Mr. Vijayender Reddy. Mr. Vijayender Reddy is son of Jana Reddy’s co-brother. After this proposal, the leaders and cadre from the TJS is openly criticizing Mr. Jana for involving in their party politics, sources said.

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KTR ‘gussa’ over Congress leaders blistering attack


KTR might have forgotten Newton’s Laws of Motion, while he lashed out Congress party leaders couple of days ago. According to Newton’s 3rd law, ‘for every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. We are not trying to bring physics into politics. Rather, we just reminded that Newton’s laws are also valid at times in politics.

The Congress leaders took the attack to KTR, KCR and even Kavitha after being irked by KTR comments. Jana Reddy’s comment, ‘I lowered myself to KTR’s level by responding to his comments.’ While Shabbir Ali and other leaders referred KTR as ‘Baccha (kiddo)’.

Reacting to these comments, KTR said, ‘wait and see what kind of response you will receive, if you once again call me a Baccha. They criticize that I am speaking American language if I speak while I am in a suit. Similarly, if I speak in local language, they allege in other ways.

My comments might have irked Congress leaders. But I spoke facts. Shocked by KCR’s welfare programs in all the districts, the Congress leaders have lost their mind.’

Both KTR and Kavitha were busy in covering up the remarks passed by CM KCR against PM Modi until today morning.

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KTR is speaking out of arrogance – Congress Leader Jana Reddy


Congress key leader Kunduru Jana Reddy reacted in a fierce manner over KTR’s comments last evening. Speaking at a public gathering, KTR termed Jana Reddy and Congress party as, ‘Jana Reddy and 40 Thieves’ in resemblance to Alibaba and the 40 Thieves.

Speaking at a press meet, Jana Reddy took potshots at KTR. ‘KTR is filled with arrogance. KTR doesn’t have the criterion to even speak about Congress. Through his words, what message is he giving to the people of the state? All that he knows is to humiliate other party leaders.

I believe he is under an illusion that, he can lead politics by humiliating leaders and the high command of other parties. This will not do any good for the people of the state. His statements are neither democratic nor a reflection of a good leader and positive governance. They are clearly filled with arrogance and pride of power. His nature is to create groups and attack the leaders of the other parties.

KTR tries to restrict the thought process of the common man, with his aggressive words, and offensive language. This is the strategy that KTR and his party are adapting to come to power and continue in power. The people of the state will teach KTR (and TRS party) a lesson in the 2019 elections.’

If Congress can grab anywhere between 15-20 seats in the upcoming 2019 Telangana Assembly elections, it would be a clear ‘moral’ victory over TRS.

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KCR’s foul language does not suit the stature of CM: Congress


TPCC leaders took a serious objection to the comments and foul language used by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao against the opposition party on Wednesday. N Uttam Kumar Reddy and K Jana Reddy held that the impulsive outbursts were unwarranted on Thursday. It may be recalled that KCR used disrespectful language not only against the TPCC leaders but also against former speaker of Lok Sabha Meira Kumar.

The words like “Dandha chese Nakodukulu” do not suit the stature of the Chief Minister. While the TPCC leaders termed it, arrogance linked with frustration, nonetheless KCR’s brashness was uncalled-for. Congress demurred the language and subject of KCR press conference.

Uttam demanded an unconditional apology for his distorted statements against the opposition party. Jana Reddy said that the CM is blaming congress for his failures instead of acting responsibly.

TPCC President clarified that the grand old party is nowhere tagged to the petitions filed against the regularisation of contract employees in SCCL. Congress accused the Chief Minister for shielding his relatives who run the sand mafia in his son KTR’s constituency of Sircilla.

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Chilli crisis: Destruction of Khammam Market yard a political conspiracy


The farmer friendly, Telangana government is facing the ire of the chilli farmers in Khammam. The Khammam market yard witnessed riot like scene as the unidentified men ransacked the market yard and causing extensive damage to the property.

They wrecked everything that they could get hold of, including air conditioners and ceiling fans, chairs and tables, windows and doors. The farmers who brought their produce to sell in the market, got agitated and burnt the chilli crop stock upon finding that the prices have fallen extremely. In the month of march, chillies were sold at Rs. 12,500 per quintal but due to increase in supply, it is now fetching as low as Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 4,500 per quintal.

After waiting patiently for their turn in hot summer for hours, the twitchy farmers set fire to the weighing machines on the yard premises. Apart from pelting stones on market yard office, costly equipment including computers and air-conditioned room allotted for e-National Agricultural Market (e-NAM) platform were also destroyed. Fear gripped the market yard as the police tried to calm down the farmers.

A report on the incident by district collector DS Lokesh Kumar added a conspiracy angle to the incident which is being investigated and criminal cases will be registered. Chilli purchases resumed after the incident in the local market yard. District collector ordered the police not to allow politicians into the market yard. He suggested that the purchases should be completed and farmers should be given fair price.

In Andhra Pradesh, Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu announced additional Rs.1,500 per quintal to every Chilli farmer, to help them cope with the low prices. However, Telangana government has not been responsive and turned a blind eye.

Responding to the incident TRS leaders including the CM termed the incident as a planned political conspiracy and artificial concern by opposition parties. Opposition leader K Jana Reddy said the episode was unfortunate, and it was high time for the government to take up relief measures. Other opposition parties including TDP and BJP attacked the TRS government for their poor governance and demanded immediate action.

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Jana’s Car Stopped for Drunken Driving


Hyderabad: Congress Senior leader and Leader of the Opposition in Telangana State Assembly Jana Reddy was taken aback, when city police on Saturday night had stopped his vehicle. The former Home Minister, a police official said, initially he was confused when his vehicle was stopped, and seed thinking else on his mind. But, the cops on duty told him that his vehicle driver will have to under go breath analyzer test, as part of their routine check for drunken driving. Jana Reddy, nodding his head positively asked them to go ahead with their duties. It was for the first time that his vehicle has been stopped by police on duty to check for drunken drive.

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Well, now we know, it was Jana Reddy who inspired KCR


K Chandrasekhara Rao, during his loquacious best, wittingly or unwittingly, blurted out a story as part of a public meeting in Warangal Lok Sabha electioneering on Tuesday that actually turned the wheel of his political fortunes and that changed the direction of the fate of united Andhra Pradesh. If all of us were under the impression that the 1969 agitation was the inspiration for a separate Telangana agitation, we are indeed thoroughly mistaken. It is Leader of the Opposition in Telangana Assembly K Jana Reddy who actually had triggered the whole thing, according to the Chief Minister.

Jana Reddy, who owns the record of being the longest-serving minister in united Andhra Pradesh in the Governments headed by several Chief Ministers, sulked on being denied a Cabinet berth by Kotla Vijayabhaskara Reddy during his second stint as the Chief Minister in 1992. Angered by the denial, the Nalgonda strongman had stoked rebellion by espousing the cause of a separate Telangana and launched Telangana Forum. Sensing trouble looming large, Vijayabhaskara Reddy immediately accommodated Jana Reddy in his Cabinet and endowed him with the portfolio of Agriculture, within 20 days of the latter making noise of a separate State.

Having achieved his goal, Jana Reddy simply dropped the slogan of a separate Telangana and the forum like a hot potato. The purported proposal of a movement had gone haywire. “I was an MLA in the Telugu Desam Party at that time. Jana Reddy had actually invited me for the Forum meeting. I refused to go saying that he had set up the forum for his ministerial berth. And, I proved right,” quipped KCR, who made a point.

But, what KCR did not say, but what crossed the minds of analysts, was that if KCR’s agitation was an action reconstruction? History repeated itself, but with a difference. Chandrababu Naidu also “could not accommodate” KCR in his Cabinet in 1999 owing to “caste equations”. But where he had gone wrong was when he “ill-treated” a senior leader of KCR’s stature by having him elected to the post of Deputy Speaker of the Assembly. Had he been made the Speaker, at least, things could have been different.

KCR, a natural leader, could not take the humiliation lying down. He used the power tariff hike as a ploy to spit fire on Naidu and walked out of the TDP. He launched Telangana Rashtra Samithi in March 2001 and the rest is history. KCR proudly claims that whether this ‘bakkodu’ (man with lean physique) can pull the agitation through was a doubt that haunted many a people. “But, the agitation took a proper shape and was taken to its logical end.”

So, the bottomline of the story is that KCR had taken cue from Jana Reddy and floated the TRS. Had Chandrababu Naidu emulated Vijayabhaskara Reddy and granted the wish of KCR by inducting the latter into the Cabinet, he would not have taken the agitation forward. Chandrababu Naidu misread the strengths of KCR or was over-confident following his triumph in the elections, in association with the BJP, that nobody could touch him even with a bargepole.

Had Naidu budged, things would have been completely different. What would have happened? I leave it to the imagination of the readers.

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