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Spl Status: Cong mulls over privilege motion against Modi


A party defeated in elections is is not finished in politics. This applies to the Congress well. It’s proven in just concluded Lok Sabha when it forced the ruling NDA coalition to take up the Lalit gate and Sushma Swaraj connection for a debate in the House. The party successfully cornered BJP and sent across a message that it could twist the ruling party’s arms.
Because of Congress’s strategy, the NDA could not push through the land acquisition and GST bills.
And also, the Grand Old Party (GOP) has majority in Rajyasabha to stall the moves of BJP there.

Now, the Congress members from Andhra Pradesh are mulling over moving a privilege motion against the Prime Minister Modi government on the issue of bestowing special category status on Andhra Pradesh.
Former minister and Rajya Sabha member JD Seelam said they were planning to move privilege motion in the Upper House “for not honoring the decision taken by the then Union Cabinet headed by Manmohan Singh, which had initiated the process of according special status to AP”.

According to Seelam the decision of previous government led by rival coalition were not supposed to be discarded by the next government.

“The decision taken by the Manmohan Singh government with regard to granting special status to AP is binding on the present NDA government.The NDA government has to honor the decision of the the then Union Cabinet.It can’t be set aside just because it was the decision of the previous cabinet,” Seelam said.
He rapped Modi government for using 14th finance commission recommendations to deny special status to AP.

“The 14th Finance Commission’s recommendations are not at all binding on the Union Cabinet,” he added.

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“Jagan trying to score brownie points with Modi”


Jagan came under heavy fire from Congress for his anti-Rahul remarks from Jantar Mantar. Though entered late into the fray, Jagan, with his big presence in the Assembly and outside, wants to grab attention in Andhra Pradesh. In fact, Jagan gave the call for  New Delhi dharna only after Rahul Gandhi questioned from Anantapur district and announced  that he would come to any place in Andhra Pradesh and anytime to fight to get special category status to Andhra Pradesh.

The self-immolation of  its worker Munikoti in Tirupati on Saturday, chanting, Jai Congress and Jai Sonia, has given Congress new lease of life. Now, Jagan wants to hijack the issue from Congress. He mobilized two train-loads of people to New Delhi’s Jantar Mantar for a dharna and a march to parliament. Congress sees Jagan’s visit to Munikoti’s house on Tuesday is also a  part of the larger strategy.

Andhra Pradesh Congress president N Rahuvira Reddy accused Jagan of trying to sabotage the movement. He said attacking Rahul, who was genuinely fighting for special status, was tantamount to sabotaging the movement and split it.

He said Jagan had courage to criticize PM Modi, who was primarily responsible for denying the special status.

“In stead of joining our movement, you are criticizing Rahul. What would be the motive other than creating a split and earn kudos from Prime Minister Modi,” Raghuvira asked. By talking too much, Jagan was exposing his immaturity of politics, the PCC president said.

He reiterated the party stand that Congress would file cases against Prime Minister Modi, urban development minister Venkaiah Naidu and  chief minister Chandrababu Naidu for openly betraying the people of the state in all  1200 police station across Andhra Pradesh.

In Delhi, Rajya Sabha member J D Seelam also launched a scathing attack on Jagan.

“For fifteen months you have never raised the issue. It is the Congress which has been consistently demanding special status. You took up the matter and  gave a call for Dharna only after Rahul Gandhi declared his support and launched a campaign for achieving Special Status, ”  former union minister and Congress Rajya Sabha member JD Seelam said.

Pointing to Jagan’s remarks against Rahul, he said, the remarks were meant to earn some brownie points from Prime Minister Modi.

“Everybody knows you have moved closer to Modi to save your skin from the court cases. You want to reassure Modi that your don’t  have soft corner for the AICC vice-president,” he alleged.

Seelam reminded Jagan that it was Rahul who coined the slogan, ” Special status -Andhra’s right” which had become a mantra on tongues of every Telugu person.

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