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Mem Famous Review

Mem Famous Review

Final Report : ‘Mem Famous’ is a positive intent film but fails to provide entertainment. While first half has few authentic moments, Second half is badly written and executed. Overall,the film is on par with a youtube short film.

8:40 AM The second half drags with no substance. Goreti Venkanna song is a farce

8:15 AM Mai and team try to become youtubers

7 AM Prank video making episode provides some relief

6:45 AM One of the three friends moves to Hyderabad.

First Half Report : There are couple of feel good moments,the rural setup is so authentic.But the audience get a feel of watching an youtube film( not even OTT one)feel in terms of making and casting.

6:30 AM Life takes U turn for the youngsters.

6:00 AM The three friends try to find some work after being insulted by village people

5:40 AM Following the latest trend the rural Telangana slang and amateur actors take center stage

5:30 AM Sumanth as Mai performing with ease. He has good features and screen presence

5:15 AM Movien is set in a rural Telangana village ‘ Bandanarsapally ‘. Mai ( Sumanth Prabhas ) and his two friends are unemployed youngsters

Release date : May 26th 2023
Director : Sumanth Prabhas
Music director: Kalyan Nayak
Cinematography: Shyam Dupati
Language : Telugu
Producers : Chai Bisket Films

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